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A Remarkable Ford F150 Truck Battery | Wise, VA

It’s probably time to replace your Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA. Depending on the manufacturing date and your battery’s condition, you’ll have to start looking for a replacement Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA. But are you going to settle on whichever battery from a random source? Probably not.

Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA

You can get your Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA professionally installed at any local Ford location.

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Now that you’ve secured the affordability aspect of your desired Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA, it’s time to consider the quality and its source. You are guaranteed quality only if you purchase from a reliable source. Freedom Ford Lincoln, Inc. has been servicing the community for many years, and everyone has been pretty satisfied. And as a Ford Motor Company dealership, they have first access to premium parts.

Visit the location and talk to an advisor to start selecting your Ford F150 truck battery.

Double-Check Before Getting A New Ford F150 Truck Battery Wise, VA

Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA

A reliable expert will help you run diagnostic tests on your vehicle to determine the problem’s source.

Each year, there are around 69 million breakdowns in the United States. Most are reported when car owners fail to start their car or turn on the ignition. While it’s highly likely due to a dead battery, it is not the only possibility. Without carefully considering the possible factors, you could end up replacing a battery in perfect condition. And doing so might not even solve the issue you’re dealing with.

To save time and money, having a Ford technician run diagnostic tests on your vehicle is best. Although a new battery can be highly affordable with our coupons, it’s still best to double-check before making a purchase. Some of the possible factors behind a vehicle not starting includes the following:

  • Broken Transponder Key
  • Faulty Alternator
  • No Gas
  • Clogged Filter

If it’s unrelated to any of the problems listed, it’s most likely a dead battery issue. You can either jump-start your battery or replace it to address a dead battery-related breakdown. There are eight important steps for jump-starting a vehicle, and missing any could render it ineffective. It’s best to find a reliable neighbor or technician if you’ve never completed the process before.

What To Consider When Picking Out A Battery

There are currently dozens of brands on the market, each of which carries various Ford F150 truck battery types. It can be difficult to find the right source and brand. But we know this won’t be a problem at Freedom Ford Lincoln, Inc. When you purchase parts from Ford dealerships, they’ll give you the option to choose from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or Motorcraft®.

Motorcraft batteries are known to be great because they’re manufactured according to Ford regulations and standards. Popular Motorcraft car batteries include the Tested Tough® PLUS, the Tested Tough® MAX, and some specialized batteries. To narrow down your options, you should consider some battery properties.

  • Battery Group Size
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • Reserve Capacity (RC)
  • Battery Date Code
  • Warranty

On the surface, it can be hard to tell the difference between the sea of batteries. After considering these properties and specifications, you should be able to settle on a short list of batteries and choose from the list instead. Be sure to consult an advisor to make sure you’re not getting a battery that could permanently damage your truck.

A Ford F150 truck battery too small for your truck won’t be able to supply enough charge. It could disrupt the balance and stability of your system, causing other parts to overwork. And a battery too big will have too much charge for your truck to handle. The power spikes and surges caused by too high of a voltage can fry the whole electrical system.

Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA

Rather than only caring for your battery, consider services for other parts as well. This is the best way to ensure your vehicle is operating as it should.

Caring For Your Parts

With the purchase of a new Ford F150 truck battery comes the responsibility to care for them. If your battery is left uncared for, some factors could potentially speed up the deterioration process. As a car owner, your goal is most likely to get the most bang for your buck. Completing inexpensive maintenance routines is the best method for achieving this.

There are plenty of factors that could severely damage your car battery. Such as going on too many short drives, experiencing a “parasitic draw,” prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, and many more. To work on preventing these issues from festering on your new battery, try out the following maintenance tips:

  1. Ensuring there are no build-ups of corrosion on your car battery and the cables around it.
  2. Check to see if your headlights, glovebox lights, and all other electronics are turned off before exiting.
  3. Park your vehicle under shaded areas to avoid constant exposure to heat and cold.
  4. Double-check to make sure your battery is secured in place.

Besides these maintenance options, you can bring your truck into the dealership for routine battery checks. It only takes five minutes to complete and will cost nothing to get started. During the same visit, we suggest you also look into other services. Such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections.

The more you follow the maintenance schedules, the less likely your truck will break down. Think of these services as small and affordable investments with a large sum in return. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars if you find a reliable source to maintain your vehicle.

Begin your maintenance journey with a fresh Ford F150 truck battery Wise, VA.

Wise, VA Fun Facts

  • Although founded in 1874, Wise was incorporated in 1924.
  • The town gets an average rainfall of 51.63 inches in one calendar year.
  • The Pro-Art Association is a great source of fine art events.