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Abingdon VA Ford Repair Shop

Your local Ford dealership is the best Abingdon VA ford repair shop you could bring your vehicle to! There are a lot of repair shops around nowadays, and it can be hard to find the best one. The quality of all the different options is murky at best. We use only the best products and provide the most skilled service at your local Ford dealerships, so put your trust in us!

We can get you back out and off on to your next adventure with peace of mind. Because when your vehicle is out of commission, it can seem like you’re cut off from everything. But we are your dependable choice, working quickly and efficiently to save you time and money.

We go a step above and beyond your typical third-party dealer, provide high quality at fair and competitive rates. On top of that, we even offer coupon discount deals on a wide range of our services and parts. So you have more options to pick from and save on. A lot of the deals available are things your vehicle would need as regular maintenance anyway, so you might as well save!

There is no job too big or part too small that we can’t assist you with. We have been around for over 100 years, and it’s thanks to customers like you. We have proven to be reliable, providing anything you would need for your Ford and delivering on quality always!

So stop by your local Ford dealership the next time you need maintenance. Together we can get you back on the road and jetting off in no time!

Abingdon VA ford repair shop

If you want the best people working on your vehicle, head to your local Ford service center!

Abingdon VA Ford Repair Shop

If you want deals, we’ve got them, and we’re giving them to you! We have deals on a wide range of things, from parts to services. From discounts to specials, you can save money on new car batteries or a tire rotation.

You can also get a bundle of deals by checking out our specials on The Works®. This being a full inspection package that covers nearly every check, including an oil change. However, there are still just oil change deals you can get as a stand-alone.

If you can’t find the deal you’re looking for, don’t worry about it. You can just check back at a later date! Our deals rotate around periodically, so you have even more options available to you as time goes on. This way, you can save on different services and parts as they come available.

Be sure to check out all of our deals before you stop by or purchase anything so you can save! Don’t break the bank when you can get great deals for your local Ford dealership. Just print the deal out and bring it with you to a Ford technician to redeem it!

Abingdon VA ford repair shop

We can get you safely back on the road!

The Heavy Hitters In Your Car

There are three components that effectively run your vehicle. If anyone of them were to malfunction or stop working, your car would essentially be obsolete. The components are the oil, the tires, and the battery; each one working in harmony to get your vehicle to your next destination.


If not properly maintained and serviced, they will deteriorate until they are unable to function properly. This can have a devastating and costly effect on your and your wallet. Especially if you are driving on the road and something fails. It is the obligation of every driver to maintain their vehicle for the safety of themselves and others.

So when you need an Abingdon VA ford repair shop to aid your vehicle, head to your local Ford dealership. You need trusted, qualified hands working under your hood. And you’ll find no one better than us, guaranteed! Together we can stop potential problems before they happen and save you money!


The battery in your vehicle functions as the heart. You need one to keep everything alive, and if it dies, your vehicle will too. You can get a battery test to find out when you need to look for a replacement.

If the volts read below 9, it’s time to talk about a replacement. Our techs can tell you about the different types that can aid your next battery in lasting longer.


If you want to avoid some of the most expensive kinds of repairs, then keep up with your oil levels. Your oil functions as your engine’s keeper. It cools, cleans, and lubricates everything throughout your engine to keep it in check. If it can’t, then your engine will stop functioning.

One of the more devastating things a lack of oil could cause is locked engine syndrome. This is where everything might be working perfectly, but the engine seizes up and locks. It can be fixed, but the cost to fix it is typically more than the value of the car, in other words, not worth it.


Your vehicle’s foundation is the wheels, and as such, they typically need more service than other parts. If there is a problem with your tires, like you feel a pull to the side while driving, you need to come in immediately. Your wheel alignment could be off, which can cause you to crash.

Getting frequent inspections and tire rotations should catch any problems before they get out of hand. Thus keeping you and others on the road safe! So stay on top of your tire maintenance to save time, money, and yourself in the long run.

Abingdon VA ford repair shop

Your local Ford dealership is the best Abingdon VA ford repair shop around!

Visit Ford Today!

If you have any questions about our Ford vehicle services or a warranty of any kind, just give us a call! No matter if it’s expressed or implied, we reiterate, you will always get the best care of the highest quality at your local Ford dealership. All vehicles are subject to wear after they’ve been on the road. But when you come to your local Ford dealer, we can get you in and out in better shape than before!

Understanding your vehicle will assist you in making better, more informed decisions from a maintenance standpoint. You will know which brands and Ford parts will aid your vehicle in lasting longer on the road. When Ford services your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that it’s in good hands.

We can provide you with different types of information or materials on our discounts and services when you stop by. Or, before you stop by, you can visit our site, and all the information will be available to you! Next time you need us, pick your local Ford dealership as your go-tp Abingdon VA ford repair shop!

Abingdon VA Fun Facts:

  • Home of the Barter Theatre, which is considered the “State Theatre of Virginia.”
  • Check out The Arts Depot, which is a circa 1870 restored railroad station.
  • If you like the Victorian period, visit the Holston Mountain Artisans, a Victorian landmark!
  • Check out the town’s official website here!