Aftermarket Vs Dealership Parts

When you have a working vehicle, you always have the option to go to the dealership for a tune-up, or you can choose to go to your local aftermarket shop. At Ford, we always recommend that you bring your car to us. Mostly because we can provide better services than any aftermarket shop out there.

More than that, our parts are always genuine and will keep you safe while on the road. But if you still need some convincing, we’ll give you some reasons as to why it’s always better to shop with your local Ford dealership when you’re in need of a repair.

3 Reasons Ford parts are superior to the aftermarket

Ford OEM Parts

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Original parts from Ford are often referred to as OEM parts or original equipment manufacturer parts. These parts are often far superior to any parts you’ll find elsewhere for numerous reasons.

Customers are normally drawn to an aftermarket shop due to ease of access and a far lower price. But, with your vehicle, cheaper isn’t always better. Sometimes by going to the aftermarket, you’re settling for a cheaper, poor-quality part.

  1. Better Fit: It’s no secret that OEM parts fit your vehicle much better than aftermarket parts ever will. This means less time spent waiting in a lobby for hours waiting on your vehicle. More than that, it’s a guarantee that you won’t end up back in the shop soon after due to a faulty part breaking.
  2. Quality Assurance: With OEM parts, the quality is always there. The part you are having replaced will and should always work good as new. Whereas with aftermarket parts, there’s no guarantee that it will work at all due to the possibility of the part coming from somewhere cheap. You will always have peace of mind with OEM parts.
  3. Warranty: Most of the parts you get from the dealership are covered by a warranty. This means that if the part breaks anytime within the warranty period after you receive it, you get to replace that part for free. You will rarely get a warranty with an aftermarket shop. This causes you to potentially spend more money than necessary.

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When you need a part replaced, your best bet is to visit your local Ford dealership for OEM parts. You’ll receive quality customer service and quality parts. Moreover, we have numerous Quick Lane stops that can help you get in and out without wasting your entire day away.

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