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Ashland KY ford oem wheels

When you’re in need of new tires, look to your local Ford dealership for the best Ashland KY ford OEM wheels. At Ford, we have designed our parts better than any other competitor company. When we were founded many years ago by Henry Ford, he made a promise to both his customers and his employees. His promise was this: to do more for the world and its people than the world does for you. To him, this is the true definition of what it means to be successful.

Ford has built its entire business around this sole promise. As a result, we’ve been able to continuously provide better in all aspects of the word.

Our Humble History

Ashland KY ford oem wheels

Ashland KY ford OEM wheels

Since our start in 1903, we’ve been able to make numerous contributions to the automotive industry and communities around the world. What started as a small company of 10 soon blossomed into something so much more. Our company is full of men and women who share our mission, goals, and mindset.

All in all, Ford takes into consideration each member of the community they serve. Our company would be nothing without their dedication and service to us as well.

From China to Sweden and countries alike, Ford has played an insurmountable part in developing the assemblies and vehicles we utilize every day. Our history of progress is long, and we’ve made contributions that we can be proud of. Our goal is the same around the world–to be better in everything that we do.

This means we only provide better vehicles, better services, and better products. By holding strong to our values, we are able to continue serving the communities we hold near and dear to our hearts.

As global operators, we will continue to serve the people that rely on us for progress. By continuing to revolutionize mobility and create new and innovative solutions to the problems we face, we continue to take steps that advance our company and better the world around us. Ford is a name that constantly continues to outshine all the others.

What is OEM?

OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are parts that are from Ford themselves. These are the best possible parts to use for your car. At Ford, OEM parts are all that we use. OEM parts are not only more reliable, but they preserve your car long term for years to come. We understand that you have several options to choose from when it comes to parts for your car. But at Ford, we always recommend bringing your vehicle into one of our own service stations for the best possible parts.

Ford applies its high standards to everything we do. Regardless of your needs, you’ll receive quality service each and every time. Most outside manufacturer shops do not use OEM parts. Moreover, they normally don’t have the parts you need on hand. However, Ford always does. Therefore, you will never have to wait weeks in a rental to get your car back after servicing.

Ashland KY ford oem wheels

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Besides ease of access, there are actually many benefits to using OEM parts as opposed to parts you get on a side road shop. Most often, customers are drawn to these parts because they’re cheaper. Cheaper isn’t always better on most occasions.

Benefits of OEM parts

You may think you can get away with using aftermarket parts, but you’re harming your car in the long run. You may save money initially, but they actually cost you more money in the end. Here are some notable benefits to OEM parts.

  • Perfect Fits: Because OEM parts always come from the original manufacturer, they will always fit your car. Usually, aftermarket parts aren’t a perfect fit. This means the quality of the part negatively affects your car as a whole. Your OEM parts will never be faulty when you choose to get serviced with your local Ford dealership.
  • Response Time: When you choose an OEM part for your vehicle, your vehicle’s response time increases. When your car is paired with its perfect fit, it begins to work like clockwork. This makes your overall drive must faster and better than parts from the aftermarket.
  • Quality and Originality: If you’re a car connoisseur, then you’ll love the benefits of having OEM parts in your car. Overall, these parts preserve the originality of your car tenfold. Keeping your vehicle as close as possible to the original is important if you plan on selling it back any time soon. Finally, because these parts are from the manufacturer, you’re getting the highest possible quality overall. We only use premium resources and products. So, choose to work with your Ford dealership and obtain the best OEM parts for your car.
  • Warranty: Last, Ford offers warranty deals you can be happy with. A warranty does not cover most aftermarket parts. Also, they tend to break much easier, leaving you spending more money than you’d like to. Having a reliable warranty gives you peace of mind while driving your car at all times.

Ashland KY ford oem wheels

Ashland KY ford oem wheels

Always choose Ford OEM parts when there’s something wrong with your vehicle. Our full selection of parts is online. As an added bonus, we have free shipping too!

When you need to replace your tires, the best option is to trust Ford’s OEM wheels. Driving on balding or worn-out tires is extremely dangerous for you and everyone else in the car with you. Ford offers a wide selection of wheels for you to choose from.

We recommend changing your tires out after 6 years or every 40,00 miles to preserve their integrity. Depending on your climate and road, you may actually need to change them out more often. So always be on the lookout for signs that your tires are worn out or balding.

Also, Ford offers 16 name brand tires for you to choose from. Brands like Goodrich and Firestone are always popular options that you can choose. We also provide Toyo and Michelin too. Finally, to save time, you can visit one of our Ford Quick Lane service stations to receive the quickest tire change services possible.

If you’re ready to equip your car with Ashland KY ford OEM wheels, then contact your Ford dealership. You can reach us today!

Ashland KY Fun Facts:

  • Ashland’s name almost became Poage’s Landing.
  • There are two different local newspaper services for Ashland residents to enjoy.
  • This city was incorporated in 1854.
  • Ashland has beautiful greenery, one of the famous parks is called Central Park.
  • For more fun facts about Ashland, KY, please visit them!