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Athens OH ford service department

When you need an appointment with our Athens OH ford service department, then you can visit your online portal to schedule a visit or give us a call! Our Ford technicians are always available to help. When we were founded years ago by Henry Ford, he made a promise to his employees and customers. His promise was this: to always do more for the world than the world does for you. To him, this is the true definition of success.

Athens OH ford service department

Athens OH ford service department

Ford has built its entire business around this promise. Through the years, our mission and promise are what has kept us going. As a result, we’ve been able to provide the absolute best services in the world, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Our History

Since we started out in 1903, we’ve grown so much as a company. What started as a small company of 10 soon blossomed into a powerhouse of men and women alike who share our same vision for the future. Ford holds its goals near and dear to the heart. Therefore, we’ve taken to employing people who share those same goals.

Overall, Ford has placed the entire world in its hands. We are a company that strives to do more for the communities that need them the most. From China to Sweden and countries alike, you can find the Ford company logo and promise on many types of machinery. Ford has its hand in developing assemblies across the globe and in the vehicles we use every day.

Our history of progress is lengthy, and nothing makes us happier. We’re proud of the contributions we’ve made and will continue to make around the world. Our goal is the same, no matter where you are in the world, to be better in everything we do. At the core, this means providing better vehicles, better customer service, and of course, better products. By holding strong to our values and mission, we’ve been able to continue serving the communities we love the most in ways we’ve never envisioned.

Finally, because we’re global operators, we’ve advanced technology around the world. We will continue to revolutionize mobility and create new, innovative solutions to the everyday problems we face. As a result, we’ll be able to take steps that advance our company and the world we live in. So, you can see why Ford is a name that constantly outshines all the others.

Ford Services

You may be visiting Ford for different reasons. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car or wanting to tune up your existing car, we can help. Each car on our lot is now equipped with state of the art technology that keeps you and your loved ones safe while driving. You won’t have to worry about replacing your vehicle anytime soon because all of our cars are equipped with the maximum standard safety features.

Athens OH ford service department

Trust our Ford mechanics to provide you with services nobody else can!

Our Ford technicians and representatives are always happy to lend a helping hand. Moreover, they’ll be able to explain to you all of the safety features Ford has in its cars. From fuel efficiency to advanced braking, there’s no feature you’ll miss out on when choosing to pair with Ford.

In addition to safety features, Ford provides numerous other services too. Most notably is our oil change services. Getting regular oil changes is essential if you want your car running long term. As a result, Ford offers competitive oil change prices that will make staying on the road just a bit easier. If you haven’t, now is the time to visit our website to view our full list of Ford service coupons made to save you money.

When you’re at our station getting an oil change, our technicians can also inspect the rest of your car to ensure that it’s running the way it needs to be. By providing you with full vehicle workups, we’re taking one more step to ensure your safety on the road.

Next, we offer a full inspection of your tires and brakes. These are important parts of your car that should be inspected regularly to maintain your vehicle’s overall safety and functionality. If your tires are bald and your brakes are squeaking, then you are overdue for servicing at your nearest Ford location.

At Ford, we only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, so you can trust your vehicle always maintains its originality and life for years to come. When your car needs tuned up, there’s no reason to bring it anywhere else but Ford!

Ford Quick Lane Services

If you’re in a hurry, the last thing you want to do is wait in a dealership lobby for hours on a sunny Saturday. This is why we’ve taken to employ our quick lane services. With a quick lane, we’re in and out of your hair in no time! Without sacrificing our services’ quality, we’ve found a way to get you what you need without wasting your day.

Here we focus on general auto care, but we also provide premium assistance with tires, brakes, and wipers. So, no matter your needs, you can trust us to help. Moreover, our hours are flexible, so if you run into an accident late at night, there’s always someone to help. Making sure you’re always in the best care at our Athens OH ford service department is a priority. You can always rely upon us and trust that we are the solution to your problem. Stop by your nearest Ford dealership for help.

Athens OH ford service department

Athens OH ford service department

Contact your local Ford service provider and make an appointment for your Ford package!

Don’t visit that run-down mechanic shop in your neighborhood; instead, visit our Ford team. You’ll always receive OEM parts from us. on top of that, you can expect nothing but great service!

Visit our website to view the full list of available coupons you can use to save money on our services. You could potentially save up to $18o on your next visit, so don’t miss out on our deals!

To schedule an appointment or ask questions, call us today at 859-341-6603 when you need the best service; look no further than your local Athens OH ford service department.

Fun Facts about Athens OH:

  • Athens is home to Ohio University.
  • The city has a whole network of trails for residents and tourists.
  • European settlers permanently stayed in the area of Athens in 1797.
  • Ohio University is the largest employer in the county.
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