Benefits of Purchasing The Works Package

At the Ford Motor Company, we are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers. Moreover, we strive to keep prices affordable so that you can get the best maintenance for your vehicle.

Our certified, professional mechanics care deeply about making sure your vehicle is always ready for the road, no matter where you are going. As a result, we offer a convenient way to receive an all-inclusive vehicle check-up.

 The Works Package

Next time your vehicle needs an oil change, we encourage you to consider bringing your vehicle to our dealership. We offer a maintenance package called The Works, which makes caring for your vehicle more budget-friendly.

The Works package includes the following inspection services:

  • Tire rotation
  • Pressure check
  • Fluid top-off
  • Filter check
  • Battery test
  • Belt and hoses check
  • Brake inspection
  • Oil change (up to six quarts of Motorcraft oil included with this package)
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Your technicians know your Ford vehicle better than anyone. Go to the professionals for any of your needs.

Why are Oil Changes So Important?

Your vehicle’s engine relies on the lubricating power of oil to keep it working properly. Many engine parts are spaced close together. Because of this, oil is required to lubricate each part and prevent it from damage.

Over time, if oil changes do not occur, the parts will start rubbing together, and each metal piece’s chafing might occur. When metal shavings get caught in your engine, it will cause damage over time.

Most auto manufacturers will recommend that you get an oil change every three months or six thousand miles. However, it is always the best idea to consult your owner’s manual before deciding how much time is appropriate in between servicing.

Another benefit of regular oil changes is a reduction in emissions. If you live in a county near a metro area, you will likely be required to get an emissions test on your vehicle. Passing this test is essential to keeping your vehicle road-worthy.

The Works package from Ford Motor Company includes an oil change with up to six Motorcraft oil quarts. The Motorcraft brand is manufactured by Ford and therefore possesses the highest quality. You can count on our certified auto mechanics and high-quality products to get the job done for your oil change needs.

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Finally, if you need more information about The Works? Would you like to schedule an oil change? To locate a dealership in your area, visit our website! You can also reach a customer service representative by calling us at (859) 341-6603.