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Bristol TN Oil Change Specials

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All You Need to Know About Motor Oil

Historically, motor oil was a simple mix of base oil and chemicals. Therefore, it was created to help lubricate parts, reduce friction, clean, cool, and protect the engine.

However, when it comes to oil today, it is still made up of those elements but with many other performance enhancements to help improve the overall function of your vehicle.

Now, grades of motor oil synthetic oil can provide your vehicle with the following benefits:

  • Provides wear protection
  • Maintains viscosity
  • Prevents acid build-up
  • Cleans and protects turbos and modern engine components

About 70-90% of motor oil consists of base oil which comes from natural gas or crude oil. Chemicals make up about 10-30% of your typical motor oil. These particular additives may include chemicals that act as detergents, friction modifiers, antioxidants, and so many others.

What is Oil Viscosity?

Viscosity refers to how easily oil is poured at a certain temperature. Thinner oil typically flows easier at lower temperatures and has a lower viscosity. While on the other hand, thicker oils have a much higher viscosity.

When outside temperatures are lower, thin oil will reduce friction to work with the engine to help start it faster. However, when temperatures are higher, thick oil helps to maintain oil pressure and film strength. This also helps to support heavier loads.

Synthetic Oil

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Engine oil has come a long way. When it was first developed in the 19th century, manufacturers utilized their own fuel and lubrication techniques which resulted in many irregularities.

What was once created with animal fat and vegetable oil evolved into the use of oil developed with crude properties? Now, you can purchase synthetic oil which has so many benefits that can really help enhance the performance of your vehicle.

In simple terms, synthetic motor oil goes through a chemically engineered process in order to be developed. In contrast to standard oil, the molecular structure is much more uniform in shape and has far fewer impurities.

For the most part, synthetic oil has a much higher resistance to oxidation and performs much better in major high and low temperatures than standard oil that consist of crude properties. When motor oil is fully formulated, it is developed to serve several purposes which include:

  • Separating and lubricating moving components
  • Reducing the wear and tear of the engine
  • Helping Prevent deposits from accumulating on certain engine parts
  • Reducing dirt and contaminants in the oil until the contaminants can be removed at the next oil change
  • Absorbing heat from engine parts
  • Managing engine fuel efficiency and performance
  • Providing the best level of protection with varying temperatures
  • Operating as hydraulics in variable valve timing
  • Assisting in protecting the emissions system

Issues that May Occur When Your Vehicle Runs Out of Oil

Motor oil provides the best level of lubrication to all of the moving parts that work together in your engine. This helps prevent damage and keeps your vehicle running smoothly.

While your engine is running, by-products from combustion are accumulated in your engine oil. Therefore, if contaminants build up beyond the level of the oil, they can accumulate and create deposits of sludge and wear in the engine.

If the oil is not changed on a consistent basis, these contaminants can lead to a major decline in the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Therefore here are some other indications that you need to change your oil aside from your dashboard indicator.

  • Engine noise is an indicator that it may be time to change your oil. When motor oil is doing its job, it will lubricate the parts in your engine. Therefore, you will not hear any noise. On the other hand, if your oil level is low, you begin to hear knocking or rumbling sounds within your engine. Bring your vehicle into Ford today to receive the best quality oil for your engine.
  • If you smell oil inside your vehicle, this is also an indication that it is time for your oil to be changed. Smelling exhaust fumes or gas is never normal and may mean that your engine is overheating. Regardless, we suggest that you bring your vehicle into Ford immediately.
  • From time to time your vehicle will naturally emit translucent vapor. However, it is not normal when this chemical turns into smoke. This can mean an oil leak or faulty engine parts.

There are several other indications that it may be time for your oil to be changed. However, do not wait until it’s too late. Refer to your owner’s manual to keep track of your routine maintenance schedule.

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If you aren’t keeping up with oil changes, filter changes, or other service requirements, your vehicle is vulnerable to long-term damage.

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Bristol, TN Fun Facts 

  • The United States recognized Bristol as the “Birthplace of Country Music” in 1998.
  • Bristol is home to the Bristol Motor Speedway.
  • The Bristol police department has 69 sworn officers.
  • For more information, search Bristol, TN.