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Chapmanville WV Tire Deals

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When Should I Change My Tires?

Chapmanville WV Tire Deals

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It can be hard to tell exactly when tires absolutely need to be changed. With 80 billion passenger vehicles all over the world, the average driver is unlikely to be an expert in auto care. When you’re not sure if your tires are okay to drive, consulting an expert is always the best course of action.

The average driver follows a general rule for changing tires. Generally, tires should be changed every six years or 40,000 miles. However, realistically speaking, many drivers won’t buy tires unless they see an absolute need to.

For example, some drivers may not see a need for new tires until they suffer a blow out on the road. Others may notice severely worn tread after cleaning mud from their tires.

Others still may only replace tires when they begin repeatedly waking up to a particular tire being flat. Not to mention, many drivers forget to account for personal driving habits and how they may wear down tires faster.

Experts say that that tire efficiency is good to passable between 20,000 and 50,000 miles. Tires exceeding this mileage are at much greater risk of blowouts, flats, and damaged internal components. Outside of this range, certified professionals cannot guarantee tire safety and will not recommend continued usage.

However, there are a number of other factors that drivers can monitor and control to preserve their tires.

Still, since tire health is critical to overall vehicle safety, drivers should consult a certified tire technician to diagnose their tire’s health as well as choose the best tire technology for their lifestyle.

The following factors combined will determine how often you should change your tires.

Major Factors Affecting Tire Health

Driving habits – Safe drivers may need to change tires less often than drivers who often find themselves speeding, hard braking, turning too fast, or hitting curbs. Tires naturally degrade, being a combination of organic, synthetic, and metallic materials. However, the aforementioned habits will quickly damage tires in several ways.

Exposure – The area where you live has a large effect on your vehicle’s overall health. As mentioned, tires naturally degrade with normal exposure to air, water, and heat. Consequently, drivers living in coastal cities (where exposure to heat and water are regular occurrences) may need to change tires more often, as well as take greater care with their vehicle overall. Drivers who must regularly leave their car out in the sun or in areas of frequent rains may also need to change their tires more often than every 6 years or 40,000 miles.

Road Texture – Driving on smooth concrete roads is always best for preserving tire health (although storing tires on concrete is not recommended). That is, driving on uneven (e.g. potholes, speedbumps) or unconsolidated (i.e. dirt or gravel) roads will rapidly wear down tire material.

Tire Pressure – Tire pressure specifications are carefully calculated to support your vehicle’s weight while allowing easy forward movement. To this end, tires must have a very specific surface area in contact with the road. High-pressured tires have decreased surface area at the contact point, reducing traction and increasing tire wear down the centerline.

They may also become mishappen, causing damage to the overall wheel system. Note that tire pressure naturally increases while driving. Low-pressured tires have a higher surface area contact. They become flattened, reducing speed, gas mileage, increasing tire wear, and causing overall vehicle stability.

How Maintenance Affects Tire Health

Charleston WV Tire Deals

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Change My Tires? Check the tread! It may be time to stop by a Ford service center near you!

Monitoring these factors may significantly reduce wear on your tires. However, tire technicians always recommend changing tires before they reach their safety limits.

Regular tire rotations go a long way in preserving your overall wheel and suspension system.

Wheels not properly aligned cause vehicle instability, increased frictional damage, may reduce mobility, and cause certain parts to become warped or broken. Trained experts recommend getting your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Lastly, be sure to check the tread on your tires every few months.

Tread is the grip on the outside wall of your tires. This grip secures your vehicle on the road while allowing water and debris to pass through, further increasing traction and speed.

As road debris passes through and frictional and heat damage piles up over time, the tread gets worn down much like a wooden pencil. The legal requirement for tread depth is 2/32″ (thirty-seconds of an inch), although experts recommend new tires when the tread depth reaches 4/32″.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! When it comes to tires, better safe than sorry is a good rule to live by.

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Chapmanville WV Fun Facts!

  • Legend has it that Union gold is buried on the west side of the town’s river
  • The population was less approximately 1,200 in the year 2010
  • The city hosts an annual Apple Butter Festival every fall.
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