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Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials

When you find yourself searching for Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials, don’t hesitate to visit the Ford Service Coupon website. There you will find incredible deals on services, parts, and accessories at your local Ford service department.

Since its founding in the early 20th Century, the Ford Motor Company has been dedicated to providing every customer with quality and reliable vehicles. Furthermore, we have a team of excellent engineers and designers who are experts in creating innovative solutions that make your drive easier and safer.

In addition to our line-up of world-class vehicles, Ford seeks to provide affordable vehicles, services, and parts, to customers everywhere. This dedication led to the creation of Ford Service Coupon, a website that has a selection of amazing deals on maintenance and repair services Ford service department. Keep reading to find out more about these incredible offers and money-saving coupons!

Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials

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Ford Service Coupon has Deals On:

Oil Change

When you schedule a regular oil change for your vehicle, you are taking steps to prevent costly repairs in the future. Additionally, you are increasing the longevity of your vehicle. 

Engine oil acts as a lubricant for the tiny spaces in between engine parts. Without this lubrication, those parts would weaken and begin to chip. If metal shavings end up in your engine, that will mean eventual engine failure. 

The Ford Motor Company works hard to make it easy for customers to save money on routine maintenance and repairs. We want you to have the benefit of our technician team’s experience. This is why we created an all-inclusive maintenance package called The Works. 

The Works include several routine inspections and repair work. When you book an appointment for The Works, your vehicle will receive the following services:

  • Tire rotation and pressure check,
  • Battery test,
  • Oil change,
  • Belts and hoses check, 
  • Brake inspection,
  • Vehicle check-up,
  • Filter check,
  • Fluid top-off

Once your vehicle has received The Works, you will begin to notice a change in how it performs. For instance, you will likely start to see it is running smoother than past circumstances. Find incredible deals for The Works on Ford Service Coupon.

Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials

Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials

Brake Inspection

Hydraulic braking systems were adopted in the 195s to replace the unreliable pulley and cable systems of earlier times. 

Every braking system is engineered to bring your vehicle to a safe and complete stop. Therefore, it is essential for you to bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

Most mechanics will suggest that you get a brake inspection every third oil change. So this means every 6-9months. And, for a limited time, you can receive a complimentary brake inspection from your local Ford dealership.

From the moment you press the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid is released from a master cylinder. This fluid travels through a series of brake lines to each tire. As the fluid fills tiny chambers within the tire walls, the brakes engage. 

Brake inspections are crucial, but how do you know when it is time for one? Be on the lookout for warning signs like bumpy braking, squealing or grinding noises, a soft brake pedal, or overheating. You can also consult your owner’s manual or local Ford-certified mechanic for more information about brake inspections.

Currently, Ford Service Coupon has several offers on brake services. For just $99, you can receive a brake pad replacement and installation. All of our Motorcraft brand brake pads come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

We also have a coupon that allows customers to receive a complete brake service. This includes rotors or drums, pads and or shoes, and labor for just $179.95 per axle. Now there’s a deal that’s hard to beat!


A car battery keeps the vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. When a battery is allowed to drain power and is not replaced, it can begin to cause issues. For instance, if you leave your car’s headlights on for a while without having the car on, you could eventually experience a battery with a consistent low charge.

As a result, it is important to perform regular battery checks. Otherwise, you could end up in a difficult situation, being stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Fortunately, there are a few simple measures you can take to keep your battery in peak working condition.

For instance, if you have had any freezing or extreme heat weather patterns lately, you might want to check the charge rate and corrosion level of your battery. Adverse and severe weather can affect the performance of your battery and ultimately lead to needing a new one.

For those moments when you know you require a new battery, don’t hesitate to visit the Ford Service Coupon website. Currently, we have several amazing deals on several batteries. Additionally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your complimentary battery test!

Right now, you can purchase the Motorcraft Tested Tough Plus battery is available for just $104.95. This battery comes with a 24-month replacement warranty. 

A coupon for the Motorcraft Tested Tough Max battery is also available for a limited time. The price of this battery, with the coupon, is $134.95. Furthermore, the battery warranty includes complimentary towing if your dealer-installed battery fails. Both battery deals expire on 3/31/21.

Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials

Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials

Visit the Ford Service Coupon website for your Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials.

Ford Service Coupon also has several deals on minor parts and repairs. You can get a set of Motorcraft Premium Conventional Wiper Blades for just $19.99. Additionally, you can receive 500FordPass reward points with the purchase of an engine or cabin air filter. These points can be used on Ford services, parts, and vehicles purchased from your dealership. 

For more information about the coupons, services, and locations of Ford, visit the Ford Service Coupon website! Also, to speak with a customer service advocate, give our office a call. You can count on the Ford Motor Company to offer the best deals on Elizabethton TN Ford Service Specials.

Elizabethton, TN Fun Facts:

  • The Transylvania Purchase took place here in 1775.
  • Elizabethton is located in a river valley basin, surrounded by mountains.
  • In the early Twentieth Century, Elizabethton was powered by hydroelectric power.
  • For more information about Elizabethton, TN, visit the city’s website!