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Elizabethton TN Tire Specials

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Should I Change My Tires?

Elizabethton TN tire specials

Is it time for new tires? When you’re looking for Elizabethton TN tire specials, Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center has you covered with the best prices on top-rated tires, guaranteed!

Many drivers find it hard to tell when they really do need to get new tires. Current automotive surveys approximate an immense 80 billion passenger vehicles in total all over the world. With that many drivers on the road, it can be expected that most drivers aren’t experts in auto care.

Your average driver follows the general rule of thumb for tire life span: every six years or every 40,000 miles. However, in truth drivers don’t usually change their tires until they feel they must.

More specifically, experts find that drivers generally wait until their tires pop, begin experiencing frequent flats, run over a nail, or otherwise show obvious signs of damage when drivers compare tires. Following, issues like flat tires and unseen internal damage become more common when drivers don’t closely monitor tire health.

Drivers must also account for personal driving habits when considering their tire’s health.

Tire efficiency is “good” between 20,000 and 50,000 miles (experts cannot recommend driving on tires past 50,000 miles). However, there are a few factors that have a major effect on tire health. As a result of these factors, some tires may need to changing sooner than others. Drivers unaware of these factors may experience sudden damage on the road with severe consequences.

Drivers should always seek the expertise of a trained tire technician when they’re unsure if it’s time to get new tires. While drivers can and should monitor tire health themselves, a trained expert will more accurately assess your tire in addition to providing a comprehensive recommendation on which tire is best for your needs.

Factors of Tire Life Span

Personal Habits – “Personal driving habits” can greatly increase the rate of tire degradation. Driving habits can include details like how often you drive or speed, whether you’re in the city, and more.

Tires naturally degrade over time, but these habits can cause severe damage. Drivers who travel often and for long distances may need to change tires every three years, especially with heavier vehicles. Fast turns, bumping curbs, hard braking, potholes, and speedbumps all rapidly wear on tire material.

Elizabethton TN tire specials

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Climate – The weather actually has a great deal of effect on tire health. Non-metallic materials naturally degrade with exposure to water, heat, or air.

Since tires are already prone to chemical and physical degradation, prolonged exposure greatly increases the rate of decline.

Consequently, tire technicians advise drivers to change tires more often if regularly left out in the sun or in areas of frequent rainfall or high humidities, such as coastal cities. Additionally, dense city air tends to wear tires faster than country air.

Road Texture – Understandably, driving tires on gravel roads will quickly wear down the tread and tire material overall. Smooth, concrete roads are always preferred for driving (not necessarily for storage), preserving tire health.

Tire Pressure – Tire pressure specifications are based on the relationship between your vehicle’s weight distribution and the surface area of the contact between the tire and the road. This set surface area must support your weight while allowing easy forward movement.

Tires with higher pressures lose surface area and therefore traction on the road, leading to a dangerous decrease in the stability, increased wear down the tire’s center-line, and may become mishappen, causing scraping and other damage.

Additionally, tire pressure naturally increases while driving. Tires with low pressure have flattened bottoms, reducing speeds, increasing friction/wear, causing vehicle instability, and may cause shaking-related damage or blowouts!

Tire Life Span and Maintenance

Drivers monitoring these factors may prolong the life of their tires by keeping up with regular maintenance. However, expert tire technicians recommend changing tires before they reach their safety limits.

To this end, drivers should have tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Wheels not in proper alignment can scrape against your vehicle causing damage to the tire as well as the wheel system.

Finally, it’s important for drivers to regularly check their tire tread. Tire tread is the grip that keeps your car firmly on the road. Over time, it’s worn down much like using a wooden pencil. The legal depth requirement for tire tread is 2/32″, but auto care experts recommend new tires at 4/32″.

How Drivers Save with Ford Service Coupons

Brand-new, major brand tire prices range from $50 to $200. Additional labor costs can be offputting for some drivers, especially when multiple tires are affected.

Consequently, many drivers will continue using “bad tires” until they can no longer safely drive on them (usually after experience a flat, or worse). Furthermore, drivers often buy tires based on price and convenience, rather than endurance.

These practices are discouraged by tire technicians, since drivers may not be aware of how their personal lifestyle may affect the rate at which their tires will degrade. Failure to change tires before they fail can leave drivers stranded, or worse.

Be sure to check with a tire technician who can accurately assess your tires. Tire technicians are always available for walk-in tire services at Quick Lane Tire and other Ford service centers.

These trained experts will provide the most accurate information on which tire is best for your lifestyle, area, and particular model.

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Elizabethton, TN Fun Facts! 

  • The land had been settled 11,000 years ago by Paleo-Indians
  • Lies within a river valley basin surrounded by mountain ridges
  • Nearly fully powered by hydroelectric power at one point during the 1910s
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