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Erwin TN Motorcraft Battery Coupon

It’s a wild world full of unpredictability, but with Erwin TN motorcraft battery coupon deals, you know you’re always getting a great deal! We know how important a battery is and keeping up with its maintenance is key in keeping your vehicle moving. Your battery is the heart of your vehicle, getting everything to function when it’s in proper working condition.

After over 100 years, we have built a reliable and dependable reputation of excellence. We had humble beginnings and have grown to over 3,000 dealerships in the country. So even if you’re out of town, we can still help you out if you head to the closest one by you.

The Battery

Your battery controls all of your electrical systems and gets you moving. A battery only has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. Still, an older battery should not be kept forever because it doesn’t have the same level of power as a new battery. Older batteries require more upkeep and should be inspected far more often than new batteries to make sure they stay in working order.

Your battery has a ton of things that can kill it before it’s reached its time, from weather to chemical reactions. There is no shortage of things that can mess with your battery. Which is why you should bring your battery in for a battery test at your local Ford dealership.

Our techs can help you determine whether or not you need to get a new battery. If the battery test shows a voltage number lower than 9, you should talk to the techs about getting a new battery. Our techs can tell you about all the different types of batteries and find the one that will work with your driving style and environment.


Erwin TN motorcraft battery coupon

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When deciding on a battery type, check out the number of CCAs and RCs in the battery. You want a high CCA, cold-cranking amps, number if you live in a cold environment.

Cold weather will drain and kill your battery, but having a high CCA number will combat this occurrence. You also want a high RC reserve capacity, as this will assist your battery too.

High RC will tell you how much of a power drain your battery can withstand. These are two aspects of different types of batteries that one should consider when making a new battery purchase.

Watch The Skies!

The weather has one of the highest car battery kill counts. You should always consider what kind of climate you live in when you are picking out you’re new battery. If you aid your new battery by getting a high CCA or RC, then the battery will have a chance against the extremes of hot and cold.

Stone Cold.

Cold weather can be a drain on everything, including your battery. Things move at a slower pace when the temperature is low, and your battery is no less affected. This means that when you push your button or turn your key, your battery has to work extra hard to start up.

The battery’s power output will have a reaction delay because of the cold temperature. However, your battery lives to work, so much in fact that it will overwork in an attempt to stop any delay from occurring. This leads to the battery’s power being depleted at an exponential rate.

On top of that, your car will always try to pick up slack and power where it can, so other parts of your vehicle will strain under the power drain. This means that other parts could break down and need repair in the future.

Hot Dog!

Erwin TN motorcraft battery coupon

Ford will get you back on the road!

The heat can have a negative effect on your battery as well. Extreme heat mixed with more heat from an engine, mixed with humidity, can cause liquid to form. This liquid will form by way of beads along the inside of your battery.

Eventually, this can pool together and dilute the acid that makes your battery work. This can slow the reaction time much like how the cold can slow a reaction time.

Only a diluted effect can not be reversed or changed when in a different climate. Eventually, the diluted battery will stop working altogether. Another thing that the water can do is flood into the electrical systems and short something out.

This will lead to a dead or highly unreliable battery. If you think that your battery is dead due to a short battery, don’t try to jump-start the vehicle. Jump starting a battery that has a short in it can cause the assisting battery to short out and die too. Nothing ruins a day quite like the mix of two friends stranded with two dead cars.


However, should that scenario occur where you and your friend suddenly find yourselves in need of a new car battery, start walking to Ford! Ford can ease the loss of your old batteries by offering great discount deals on new batteries. Our Ford Motorcraft batteries are outfitted with the latest technology to keep you moving.

It’s so easy to save with Ford, just check out all out coupon deals here and pick the one you’d like. It’s easy to redeem any Erwin TN motorcraft battery coupon deals. Just bring it to your local Ford dealership or Ford Quick Lanes.

The Ford Motor Company wants to give you every opportunity to save where you can and still get the best quality. And as sad as you might be to relinquish your old dead battery, your car will thank you in the long run.

Erwin TN Motorcraft Battery Coupon

Erwin TN motorcraft battery coupon

For the best service, head to your local Ford dealership.

When you are ready for a new battery replacement, remember to go to your local Ford dealership. We can install it properly the first time around, and you get a great warranty on dealer-installed batteries.

Ford can be your one-stop-shop on all your battery needs and maintenance. Call to book an appointment with us today. A properly functioning battery will keep you on the road longer, and we want to help you achieve that.

Come in for a battery test to assess your car battery. Then when it’s time to buy, check out the Erwin TN motorcraft battery coupon deals so you can save!

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