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Stop searching for Erwin, TN Motorcraft service, and find the best for your vehicle here at Ford. It can be exhausting trying to find the appropriate servicing company for your vehicle. That is why Ford’s vehicle service is here to alleviate your anxiety.

We offer a range of services for customers to benefit from, including oil changes, tires, brakes, parts, and batteries. We also offer a new Ford Service Coupon program that discounts those services to fit your budget!

116 Years of Unbeatable Service

Erwin TN Ford

Ford Motor Company

Ford has always had a vision that outpaced the world! In 1896 Henry Ford built the Quadricycle. This neat antique rode on four bicycle wheels and was mechanized by a four-horsepower engine. The gearbox only came with the option of two forward gears, no reverse, and the steering wheel was then called a tiller. This creation was the stepping stone for the production of vehicles.

In 1903 Ford opened his first vehicle manufacturing company. The motor company was incorporated, starting with 12 investors and 1,000 shares, with that the company spent most of its investment by the time a vehicle was sold. Fortunately, the company had turned a profit of $37,000.

In 1907 Childe Harold Wills designs the Ford logo. He utilizes his grandfather’s stencil set, which was based on a style of writing children learned in school. This logo was not put on a vehicle until 1927, used on Model A.

Henry Ford introduces the Model T in 1908, which took the world by storm, offering individuals the luxury of an affordable, durable automobile. The company sold 15 million Model Ts before ending production in May 1927, which could be considered to be one of the best-selling vehicles ever created.

Ford Today

Ford is so extensive in history that an article can be written in its depth easily. Today, Ford is the second-largest family-owned business in the world.  Henry Ford’s great-grandson, William Clay Ford, Jr., is currently the company’s executive chairman.

Ford Service Coupons

Pikeville KY ford oil change

Take advantage of The Works Package.

As stated before, we offer a plethora of services that guests can choose from. Our newest, most rewarding service, is our Ford Service Coupon! We have a coupon for almost every service that we offer here at Ford. Below is one of the most rewarding coupons we offer, named The Works® Package coupon!

The Works® Package Coupon

The Works package is one of our most rewarding coupons; it offers customers oil changes, inspections, and diagnostic tests with many components of Ford vehicles. We understand the hassle of getting an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles, that is why we offer this discount.

Types of Motor Oil Our Ford Service Coupon Offer

Upon arrival at a Ford dealership, a technician will suggest a grade of motor oil. The suggestion is based on your vehicle’s year. An automobile with 75,000 miles or more should utilize high-mileage oil. Newer cars should use synthetic oil. However, this decision can get a little tricky to make because there are several types of fuel which include:

  • Full synthetic Motor Oil: Most technicians will suggest synthetic motor oil so that your vehicle can run at the highest level of performance. Full synthetic oil offers a plethora of benefits such as higher viscosity levels and higher resistance to oxidation. This grade of oil is famous for increasing your vehicle’s horsepower. Synthetic oil is usually double the price of a standard grade of oil, so speak to a Ford technician to see if this is the right choice for your vehicle.
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: Synthetic blend motor oil is the best transition from standard oil. You can benefit from many of the same features you benefit from full synthetic oil at a lower cost. This oil grade features properties from regular oil and synthetic.
  • Regular Motor Oil: This is the most prevalent type of oil. This grade is produced with crude oil and a mixture of chemicals during the distillation stage. This is the most affordable grade of fuel.
  • High-Mileage Motor Oil: If your vehicle has more than 75,000 miles, then we definitely suggest this grade of oil. This grade is specifically for cars with high mileage. It increases gas mileage, reduces oil consumption, and drivers can even benefit from a decline in emissions.

Why should you choose a Ford Dealership for an Oil Change?

Ford Service Erwin TN

Hungtington, WV Ford Service

Ford made not be the first thing that comes to mind when you need your oil change, but there are four essential reasons why you should choose us.

Firstly, you might expect this service to be a little pricey because it’s located at a dealership. No need to fear, we offer competitive prices with other motor services. Additionally, Ford will also check your vehicle’s battery, belts, hoses, filters, and much more!

Secondly, appointments are available for guaranteed service! If you would like to benefit from what Ford has to offer, stop searching Hungtington WV Ford Dealership near me, and call our dealership today! A Ford Motor Company agent will assist you in scheduling the best time and date for you.

Thirdly, our professional team members will complete your oil change. Vehicles of today are very complex and delicate, that is why we have the most knowledgeable and highly trained professionals to take care of the job. With more than 30,000 factory-trained Ford professionals in the U.S., you can expect any dealership to service your vehicle to the best of its abilities.

Lastly, many dealerships participate in The Works® Package coupon. This package covers up to 6 carriers of Motorcraft® oil and a Motorcraft oil filter. Below you will find what vehicles are subject to:

  • Tire rotation
  • Pressure check
  • Brake inspection
  • Vehicle Checkup
  • Fluid top-off
  • Battery test
  • Filter check
  • Belts and hoses check

Are you Searching for Erwin, TN Motorcraft?

If you want to begin experiencing the benefits of our coupons, then contact the Erwin, TN Motorcraft near you! All you have to do is call (859) 341-6603, set up an appointment, visit your local dealership, and wait patiently in our clean and cozy lobby. A Ford technician will perform their tasks in no time, and you will leave satisfied with your vehicle performing exceptionally!

Erwin, TN Fun Facts

  • The town hosted a Minor League Baseball team of the Appalachian League in 1940.
  • Erwin was home to a CSX rail yard until 2015.
  • The 2010 Census reported a population of 5,610 people.
  • For more fun facts on Erwin, TN, search here.