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Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft

If you’re looking for quality auto parts and products for your vehicle, you can trust Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft products. With the Ford seal of approval, even Ford’s certified technicians use these parts and items when servicing your vehicle. Designed with the latest technologies in engineering, you can be sure that Motorcraft can fit your Ford or Lincoln model.

Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft

Even Ford’s certified technicians place their trust in Motorcraft products.

Officially launched in 1972, there are a number of reasons why Motorcraft parts have the Ford seal of approval. These parts’ design kept in mind the overall fit of your Ford model. Motorcraft products are identical to the original parts in your vehicle, so you know your vehicle will run smoothly.

Not to mention, Motorcraft has a vast selection of parts you’ll need for your vehicle. They offer every essential part down to the lubricants and filters your engine needs to maintain and protect itself.

Each part has a Motorcraft limited warranty that starts from when it’s installed or bought. Have peace of mind with Motorcraft’s quality and warranty.

For quality products, come into your nearest Ford dealer and ask about their Motorcraft parts and products selection.

Reasons to Trust Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft Products

Owned and operated by Ford Motor Company, they launched Motorcraft as Ford’s official parts brand in 1972. It replaced Autolite and now is Ford’s auto parts division that provides replacement and original equipment parts.

Other than its history, the most significant reason to trust Motorcraft products is how well they fit with your Ford model. Motorcraft products can deliver the original equipment (OE) fit and function you want for your Ford. Of course, that’s not surprising, considering the same people engineered and designed both Motorcraft products and the original equipment.

Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft

No matter the part, Motorcraft has exactly what you need.

Motorcraft has a vast selection of auto parts. This selection includes A/C parts, batteries, belts and hoses, brakes, the chassis, cooling system and caps, and other essential parts. Not to mention, you can also get Motorcraft products like chemicals, lubricants, motor oils, and filters.

However, the second-best part of buying Motorcraft parts is for the limited warranty that comes with them. The specifics differ depending on the product, but you can have peace of mind with Motorcraft products.

With Motorcraft, you won’t have to worry about finding the correct parts for your Ford or Lincoln. Choose Motorcraft: choose quality and reliability.

The Motorcraft Warranty

All Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft products have a built-in limited warranty. The exact details may differ depending on the product. However, the general limited warranty coverage is the same across the other products.

After October 1, 2013, Ford introduced their new limited warranty coverage for all its genuine and Motorcraft products. It starts on the day a Ford or Motorcraft part is bought or sold. The warranty lasts for the next 24 months and for unlimited miles. And, unfortunately, there aren’t any commercial exceptions.

The original installer or any Ford or Lincoln dealer can honor this limited warranty. They could honor it even if that dealer weren’t the original installer, purchaser, or seller of the part. For your convenience, you can go to whichever location is the closest to you.

As mentioned earlier, a few Motorcraft products have a slightly different iteration of the limited warranty. For their exact details, you may need to refer to a Ford dealer.

An example of two of these products are the Motorcraft Tested Tough batteries, both the MAX and PLUS batteries. These batteries’ warranties allow for a free replacement within a certain amount of months, depending on which one you get.

Another example of a unique Motorcraft warranty is spark plug wire sets. Contrary to the other products’ warranties, the spark plug wire sets actually have a lifetime limited warranty to the original purchaser.

For peace of mind, get Motorcraft products and believe in the Motorcraft limited warranty.

Motorcraft Parts and Products

There is a vast selection of Motorcraft parts and products. You can find what you need with Motorcraft, from essentials like batteries to chemicals and lubricants and even wiper blades. Each is designed with the latest in engineering technology, so you can be sure that it’ll benefit your vehicle.

Every vehicle has vital parts that keep the engine running correctly. From the battery to the selection of belts and hoses to the brakes, Motorcraft offers essentials for your vehicle. And since Ford’s certified technicians use Motorcraft products, you know these will fit your Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

Motorcraft also offers filters, chemicals and lubricants, and wiper blades that your vehicle needs to maintain and protect itself. Although not part of the engine itself, these products make sure your engine’s intertwined parts work in junction with each other. With Motorcraft, you can be sure that these products will keep your vehicle running smoothly.

And as a bonus, Motorcraft’s extensive list of oil filter applications also fits a variety of non-Ford and Lincoln models. A few other products can do the same, although you’ll need to consult an expert on which parts.

Regardless of what part your vehicle needs, Motorcraft has it. If you’re unsure which part you may need, you can ask your local Ford technician for suggestions. And if you want to service your vehicle, bring it along too.

Finding Your Local Ford Location

Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft

View our available Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft parts for purchase too!

An issue that can occur when looking for replacements for your vehicle’s parts is if the part is compatible or not. However, you won’t need to worry about that if you have a Ford or Lincoln model. Ford’s Motorcraft parts fit perfectly inside Ford and Lincoln vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right parts.

Since even Ford’s certified technicians use Motorcraft parts when working with your vehicles, you know each part is quality. With every essential part and product necessary for your vehicle in stock, you can be sure to find what you need. Not to mention, every part and product has a limited warranty, so Ford can guarantee the quality you’re receiving.

To start your search and find what you need, you can ask an expert at your nearest Ford location. Or, contact them if you have any other questions about Motorcraft parts. Buy Gallipolis OH Ford Motorcraft parts and products and have peace of mind.

Gallipolis, Ohio Fun Facts:

  • Located on the Ohio River, Gallipolis is actually a chartered village ever since the population fell below 5,000.
  • Originally, the area was settled by “the French 500,” a group of French aristocrats and merchants fleeing the French Revolution.
  • They named the area “Gallipolis,” meaning “city of the French.”
  • For more information, visit Gallipolis’ official website.