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Gallipolis WV Genuine Ford Parts

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Gallipolis WV genuine Ford parts

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Need Gallipolis WV Genuine Ford Parts? Ford Service Coupon Can Help

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Frequently Asked Auto Parts Questions

After over a hundred years in the auto industry, we’re noticed that certain questions come up often. We decided to compile the answers to a few of the most frequently asked Ford auto parts questions below.

For further information, make sure to visit our website or contact your local Ford dealer. Our factory-trained service technicians and knowledgeable customer service representatives are always happy to answer your questions on a more individual basis.

What’s the difference between aftermarket and OEM parts?

Gallipolis WV genuine Ford parts

Get Gallipolis WV genuine Ford parts with Ford Service Coupon.

In the auto industry, we refer to new or used auto parts produced by third-party manufacturers as parts produced on the ‘aftermarket.’ Meanwhile, auto parts made by your vehicle’s original manufacturer are called original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Most independent mechanics default to aftermarket parts because they are typically cheaper and more universal than OEM. However, for consumers, that decision translates into less reliable, less efficiently functioning auto parts.

The reasons for both the cost differential and quality disparity between aftermarket and OEM parts are simple. Aftermarket parts are typically made as cheaply as possible to fit into many different makes and models, regardless of the vehicle’s original specifications.

On the other hand, Ford OEM parts are made of premium materials and tailored to Ford vehicles’ exact specifications. As a result, they fit better, function more efficiently, and last much longer than aftermarket parts.

What is Ford Motorcraft?

Ford Motorcraft is Ford’s American aftermarket parts brand. Ford Motor Company recommends Motorcraft to Ford owners searching for an alternative to the OEM Ford Part’s line.

Motorcraft is a comprehensive parts line with products for every Ford vehicle and every need. Whether you’re looking to restore a classic Ford or customize your brand new Mustang, Motorcraft can help.

Furthermore, Motorcraft offers educational resources and materials for Ford owners via its website.

What’s the difference between the Motorcraft and Ford Parts product lines?

Motorcraft is Ford’s American aftermarket parts brand. Ford Parts, on the other hand, provides Ford OEM parts. While both lines are backed by Ford’s long history of quality and excellence, only Ford OEM parts are made to match the specifications of your Ford vehicle.

Furthermore, only OEM parts preserve a Ford vehicle’s originiality. In the auto industry, originality is a vehicle’s similarity to factory conditions. Originality is essential to car enthusiasts looking to restore or resell a Ford vehicle.

Do genuine Ford parts come with a warranty?

Yes. All Ford Motorcraft and Ford Parts are covered by unbeatable Ford warranties. Our service parts warranty (SPW) applies to all Ford Parts and Motorcraft parts sold after October 1, 2013. The service parts warranty includes coverage for two years and unlimited mileage.

However, certain parts such as sheet metal, gas engines, transmission assemblies, and diesel engines have even greater warranty coverage.

What products does the Ford Parts OEM line offer?

Ford Parts includes product lines for every part of your vehicle. That includes accessories, body, brakes, climate control, electrical, engine, exhaust, filters, fluids, fuel system, hardware, steering, suspension, transmission, wheels, tires, and more.

Whatever you need, Ford Parts has a product line for you. Furthermore, we guaranteed that our OEM products would restore the function and efficiency of your Ford vehicle.

How do I order my new Ford auto parts?

You can order your new Ford auto parts online. However, you can also visit your local Ford dealership parts department and order in person through one of our highly qualified customer service representatives.

Gallipolis WV genuine Ford parts

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Gallipolis WV Fun Facts

  • Gallipolis sits on the Ohio River.
  • In 2019, Gallipolis had a population of 719.
  • Gallipolis is home to the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam.
  • To learn more, visit Mason County’s website.