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Gassaway WV Ford Diesel Mechanic Near Me

Searching for a Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me? We can help. Ford Service Coupon has great deals on diesel engine maintenance. Furthermore, our Ford dealership service centers can offer the best service for your Ford diesel engine.

Need A Gassaway WV Ford Diesel Mechanic Near Me? We Can Help.

Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me

Trust our Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me to get your car up and running again in no time.

Since diesel engines are less common than gasoline engines, it’s sometimes difficult to find a reliable diesel mechanic. However, the factory-trained technicians at your local Ford dealership have the diesel engine expertise you’re looking for.

Diesel engines are delicate. Consequently, you don’t want to trust them to just anyone. When you encounter a problem with your Ford diesel engine, bring your vehicle to your local Ford dealership and get the maintenance you need.

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When you need a Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me, we’re here to help.

Ford Diesel Engine Frequently Asked Questions

Though diesel engines have existed for many years, they did not become common in private automobiles until the late-20th century. However, since then, we’ve noticed that several diesel engine questions tend to come up over and over again.

In the interest of information, we’ve decided to compile the answers to a few of these questions and make them available below. Read on for more information on the often misunderstood diesel engine.

Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me

Learn more about Ford diesel engines below.

What Is A Diesel Engine?

Named for Rudolf Diesel, the diesel engine relies, like a gasoline engine, on internal combustion. However, in diesel engines, the heat for combustion is generated by compressing air until it heats up enough to cause ignition.

Diesel engines work by compressing the air inside of the engine’s cylinder. Eventually, the air gets so hot from the compression that the diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber spontaneously ignites. That combustion then drives the engine’s pistons, which power the vehicle.

Originally, Diesel designed the engine as an alternative to steam engines. However, beginning in the 1910s, people began to use them in ships, submarines, trains, trucks, heavy equipment, and power plants.

Moreover, the diesel engine became a viable alternative to the gasoline automobile engine in the 1970s. Diesel engines are the most popular in large vehicles and off-road vehicles.

What Are the Benefits Of A Diesel Engine?

The big benefit of the diesel engine is that it has the highest operating efficiency of any combustion engine. That means that it converts the largest percentage of heat energy from combustion into mechanical energy for powering a vehicle. This is especially true for larger, heavier loads. Consequently, diesel engines require less fuel per mile than gasoline engines.

Moreover, diesel is more eco-friendly than gasoline. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines.   Biodiesel is easy to make and requires no oil or oil byproducts. Scientists can manufacture it from common crops like soybeans.

Furthermore, even conventional diesel exhaust contains less carbon monoxide and fewer hydrocarbons than gasoline exhaust.

Finally, diesel engines don’t need a high voltage electrical ignition system–a.k.a. a spark plug. That makes them more reliable in damp environments and less likely to interfere with surrounding radio waves.

How Do I Care For My Diesel Engine?

There are several easy ways to extend the life of your diesel engine. First, make sure to clean it regularly. Grime, grease, dirt, and oil can all accumulate. Next, make sure that you replace your fuel filters every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

Looking after your radiator is also important. Just like gasoline engines, diesel engines have a radiator. The radiator evaporates heat from your engine using a liquid coolant, air, and a large surface area.

However, diesel engines run hotter than their gasoline counterparts. That places diesel radiators under more stress and makes them more likely to overheat. To prevent overheating, use a cleaning fluid in your cooling system and refill your coolant every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Finally, make sure to change both your air filter and your oil regularly. A dirty air filter can prevent enough cool air from reaching your engine. Oil lubricates the engine and prevents metal parts from grinding against each other. Both require regular maintenance.

How Is A Diesel Engine Different From A Gasoline Engine?

Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me

Both diesel and gasoline engines rely on combustion.

Both gasoline and diesel engines rely on combustion. However, combustion happens differently in each. In gasoline engines, air and fuel mix inside the combustion chamber. Then, an electrical current generated by spark plugs ignites the air-fuel mixture, causing the piston to fire.

However, for diesel engines, the piston first compresses and heats the air. Then, fuel injected into the heated air ignites, again firing the piston.

Fuel injection also happens differently in the two engines. Gasoline engines use either a port injection system or a carburetor. More modern port injectors send air into the fuel just before the piston’s intake stroke. Meanwhile, older carburetors mix fuel and air together, then send it into the combustion chamber.

On the other hand, a diesel engine injects fuel directly as a fine mist into the heated air of the cylinder. While harder to engineer, once perfected, the diesel system is more reliable and long-lived than gasoline.

Trust Ford For Your Diesel Engine Needs!

When you need diesel engine maintenance, Ford can help. Turn to us for all of your diesel engine and repair needs. With Ford, taking care of your car is simple. Leave your care at one of our dealership service centers, and we’ll do the rest.

Stop searching for a Gassaway WV Ford diesel mechanic near me and bring your car down to your local Gassaway Ferry Ford Dealership today.

Gassaway WV Fun Facts

  • The town is named for Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Henry Gassaway Davis.
  • As of 2019, 977 people lived in Gassaway.
  • Gassaway was incorporated in 1905.
  • To learn more, visit Gassaway’s website.