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Gassaway WV Ford Service Department

Gassaway WV Ford Service Department

Trust the Ford experts to care for your vehicle.

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Gassaway WV Ford Service Department Frequently Asked Questions

People often wonder how deliberate they need to be about their automotive maintenance. Regular maintenance is, in fact, essential. Not only does it improve the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle, but it also keeps you safer on the road.

Keeping up with your auto maintenance prevents problems and helps you spot problems before they grow into larger ones. Luckily, your local Gassaway WV Ford service department can make it easy for you to keep up with your auto maintenance.

Why Should I Change My Oil?

Gassaway WV Ford Service Department

Don’t delay! Visit your Gassaway WV Ford Service Department!

Oil lubricates your vehicle’s engine, which reduces grinding and wear on your engine. Additionally, oil reduces friction and thus excess heat.

Your engine’s radiator is doing enough work under normal circumstances, so reducing heat as much as possible is essential.

However, as oil ages, it solidifies. The sludge that oil turns into can gum up your engine and block the flow of clean oil. It’s never good when sludge takes over an engine. Luckily, you can prevent that with regular oil changes.

Experts recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles. The exact mileage depends on the specifics of your vehicle. However, your Ford service technician can advise you on when to get your oil changes.

Is It Important To Rotate My Tires?

Yes. Tire rotation makes your tires last longer and wears evenly. Worn tires are dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. That’s because tires need adequate tread depth to grip the surface of the road properly.

Worn tires are more likely to slip and slide on wet or icy roads. Furthermore, they’re more prone to flats and blowouts. When you’re flying down a busy freeway or a narrow country road, a blowout can be extremely dangerous.

Keep your tires in great shape with regular tire rotations and, when necessary, replacements. You’ll know it’s time to replace your tires when tread depth falls below 4/32 of an inch.

How Can I Measure My Tread Depth?

Measuring tread depth is easy with a specialized tread gauge. However, you can also use an upside-down penny to estimate your tread depth. When you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need new tires.

Most people need new tires somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. Ford Service Coupon can help you save on your new tires. You can use our coupons to get a $70 rebate or up to 25,000 FordPass points with your purchase of four select Goodyear or Kelly name brand tires for a limited time.

Do I Need A Brake Check?

Gassaway WV Ford Service Department

Take care of your brakes at Gassaway WV Ford Service Department!

Brake checks are important because they make sure that your brakes are operating safely. Without brakes, it’s impossible to operate an automobile safely.

However, brake checks increase in importance even further when you notice a problem with your brakes. For example, screeching, shuddering, jolting, or vibrating can all indicate a problem. Most commonly, the issue is that the metal brake pads that stop your car via friction have worn down and need to be replaced.

Additionally, if you notice a soft or spongy brake pedal or a change in stopping distance, you should get your brakes checked. There could be a leak in your brake lines or another problem with your brake fluid.

Brake fluid provides the hydraulic force that connects your brake pedal and the brake mechanism on your wheel. When you depress your brake pedal, you displace brake fluid in your main brake cylinder.

Then, the displaced fluid travels through your brake lines and engages the brake mechanisms on your wheels. In addition to leaks, air or gravel trapped in your brake fluid can also cause issues with your brakes.

What’s A Battery Test?

Essentially, a battery test can determine what electrical voltage your battery produces. That’s important because when batteries become too old or damaged to work properly, they stop generating enough voltage to start your car. Battery tests can help Ford technicians tell when it’s time to replace your battery before you’re stuck looking for a jump.

Furthermore, Ford technicians can also visually inspect your battery for signs of damage or wear. Battery acid leaks, rusted terminals, and cracked plastic can all make a battery unusable.

Luckily, Ford Coupon Service can help you save when it’s time for a new battery, too. We offer great deals on genuine Ford Motorcraft batteries through our website.

Trust Your Local Ford Service Department For Your Auto Maintenance Needs!

Ford Service Coupon makes keeping up with your scheduled auto maintenance both easy and affordable. Make sure to keep up with all of our available deals and savings.

Don’t neglect necessary auto maintenance. Take care of both your car and your wallet at the same time. Bring your vehicle to your local Gassaway WV Ford service department today!

Gassaway WV Fun Fact

  • The town is named for Henry Gassaway Davis.
  • In 2019, 917 people lived in Gassaway.
  • Gassaway started as a large farm.
  • To learn more, visit Gassaway’s website.