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Grayson KY Oil Change Specials

Grayson KY Oil Change Specials

Searching for the best Grayson KY oil change specials near you? Try a TheWorks full-service oil change for less than $50!

Take advantage of the very best Grayson KY oil change specials when you visit the official Ford Service Coupon website, Ford vehicle or not!

Drivers of all major manufacturer vehicles are able to use Ford service coupons at any Ford service location, such as the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Grayson, KY.

Has your car suddenly started making strange sounds? Is it rattling in idle or knocking while you drive? Has it been over a year since you last had your oil changed? Then it may be time to visit your local Quick Lane Tire for a walk-in, full-service oil change.

Though the general rule is to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles or every 6 months, drivers can usually tell something is not quite right when their car needs an oil change.

More specifically, drivers may notice a check oil or check engine light on the dashboard. However, some drivers may be alerted by more alarming and less conclusive signs.

When drivers aren’t sure if their vehicle is “good to drive” they should always strongly consider speaking to a trained expert, especially when safety is a concern.

Don’t have a lot of time during normal business hours? Don’t worry about scheduling an appointment! Since the average service turnaround at Quick Lane centers is around one and one-half hours, walk-ins are readily accepted and expected.

Experienced and professionally certified auto care experts are always available and ready to serve, providing extraordinary service for routine maintenance and repairs.

Grab some coupons from the official Ford Service Coupon website, then stop by the Grayson Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center for the best service discounts and tire deals.

For a full list of all the available services and service discounts, visit the official Ford Service Coupon website.

How Do I Need When I Need to Change My Oil?

Strange Sounds – One of the more obvious signs you may need an oil change would be hearing knocking and grinding whenever you drive. This knocking sound is likely due to a lack of sufficient engine oil quality or, more likely, volume.

Low or low-quality engine oil cannot adequately lubricate the engine. As a result, internal components begin banging against each other and making lots of noise. This can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

Strange Smells – Engine oil performs two essential functions: lubricating the engine and regulating its temperature. If you’re suddenly smelling a burning aroma whenever you drive, it could be the sign of an oil leak.

Oil leaks can spring up in multiple places all over your engine. The oil then drips onto extremely hot engine components and burns up fast. This is the cause of the smell.

Not to mention, an oil leak implies your vehicle may not be able to sufficiently regulate the engine’s temperature. If not an oil leak, your vehicle could simply be burning up the oil before it has a chance to circulate. This can occur when oil quality is reduced over time.

Strange Color – Following from above, engine oil should be a slightly translucent amber color. In addition to the two primary functions, engine oil has a third minor function.

Engine oil is also responsible for cleaning up small contaminants that are able to get inside your engine. Over time, the oil will collect these contaminants resulting in a darker, sludge-like consistency and color.

Don’t worry though, that just means it’s working! However, drivers should change dirty oil as soon as possible to avoid engine issues.

Strange Sights – It’s normal for your vehicle to produce some steam from the exhaust pipe, especially when just starting. However, steam is not smoke. If the exhaust becomes opaque and more smokey and heavy, it could be a sign of a deeper issue.

What Happens When I Don’t Change My Oil?

Grayson KY Oil Change Specials

Be careful when checking your oil! Always make sure the engine is cool before popping the hood.

Drivers should be sure to regularly check their engine’s oil level and consistency. Don’t wait too long in between oil changes. If you’re unsure if it’s time for an oil change, get one anyway.

Engine oil can’t be changed too often, and with the incredible oil change specials being offered at Quick Lane Tire and other Ford service centers, now is a great time to make sure your car is in the best of shape.

So, what happens when drivers decide against regular oil changes? Simply put, you might lose your ride.

Most damage related to low or low-quality oil is heat-related. Engine components can get so hot that they eventually crack, break seals, warp, or even melt!

Drivers could also have the pleasure of dealing with a blown head gasket, a component necessary for any driving. A blown head gasket generally makes itself known while driving, filling your view with heavy, white smoke. Many drivers then find that the costs to repair the gasket would be worth more than their car!

Finally, engines that run at extreme temperatures (due to oil-related issues) are at the highest risk of experiencing a seized engine. However, there are other causes, namely, broken seals, broken timing belts, or excessive internal rusting. Though seized engines can be repaired or replaced, this is rarely feasible or affordable. Most often, vehicles with seized engines never drive again.

Why Ford Service Coupon? Get The Works!

The parts coupons, service discounts, and price match guarantees can be enjoyed by drivers of any major manufacturer vehicle, not just Ford. Find them on the official Ford Service Coupon website.

The oil change special currently active on the website includes a full-service, premium oil change along with up to 5 complimentary services.

Drivers who take advantage of The Works oil changes at their local Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center will receive up to six quarts of Motorcraft synthetic blend oil along with a compatible filter.

Besides this, drivers will receive a complimentary battery, tire, pressure, filter, and belt/hoses check, as well as a tire rotation, all for less than $50!

This deal is currently active on the website, but it won’t be forever. Now is a great time to drop in at your local Ford service center.

Grayson KY oil change specials and more service discounts are available! Details below:

Ripley WV quick lane tire

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center offers the best Grayson KY oil change specials, and with their low-price-tire guarantee, you won’t find a better deal on new, top-rated tires anywhere else!

Visit the official Ford Service Coupon website to see a full list of auto services available at the local Ford service center or Quick Lane Tire in Grayson. 

  • TheWorks synthetic blend full-service oil change for $50 or less
  • Complimentary brake inspection
  • Free battery test
  • Break pad installation for $100 or less
  • Complete brake service for $180 or less
  • Lifetime guarantee on Motorcraft and Omnicraft brake pads installed by Quick Lane or official Ford dealership
  • Motorcraft Test Touch PLUS batteries starting at $105
  • $75 rebate on your purchase of four select Goodyear or Kelly tires
  • Low Price Tire Guarantee

The Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Grayson employs factory-trained, professionally certified auto care experts to provide quality services on a schedule that works for you.

Ask about their Grayson KY oil change specials, or visit Ford Service Coupon online to save big on all your routine auto care needs.

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