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Greeneville TN Oil Change Deals

Greeneville TN Oil Change Deals

You can always find the best Greeneville TN oil change deals on the Ford Service Coupon website. These coupons aren’t just for Ford! Save big on your next oil change when you visit your local Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center.

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Has your car been making weird noises? Does it rattle in idle? Has it been over a year since you’ve checked your oil? Then you may need to stop by the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Greeneville for a premium, walk-in oil change.

Though the general rule for changing oil is every 3,000 miles, most drivers can tell it’s time for an oil change when the vehicle starts sending them signals, namely a check engine or oil change light. However, there are other signs your car may need an oil change sooner than expected.

When you’re not sure if your vehicle is safe to drive, experts are always available for walk-in services at the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Greeneville!

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Strange Sounds – One of the most obvious indicators of a vehicle issue, other than check engine lights, are mysterious noises that come seemingly out of nowhere. Usually a knocking or grinding, this is often the result of insufficient oil for lubrication. Consequently, parts may begin rattling and causing internal damage.

Strange Smells – Your car’s engine oil performs two essential functions: to lubricate internal components and to regulate your engine’s temperature. If you suddenly smell burning, you could be experiencing an oil leak, and the smell is the oil burning up on hot, internal components as it leaks throughout the engine. In addition to the strong smell throughout the car and engine, oil leaks can cause dangerous overheating and even lock up your engine! Lastly, your car could be burning the oil instead of allowing it to flow through the system, generally as the result of damaged piston valves or rings.

Strange Color – The oil in your oil pan should be a slightly translucent amber. Your engine’s oil is also responsible for some mild engine cleaning, picking up contaminants found within the engine. Eventually, the oil will slowly change from amber to a dark, sludge-like consistency. Dirty oil just means it’s doing its job! However, dirty oil should be changed as soon as possible to keep your vehicle running.

Strange Sights – Your vehicle is expected to give off some translucent vapor from the tailpipe. However, if this exhaust becomes less translucent and more smokey and opaque, you should check your engine’s oil as soon as possible.

Strange Levels – Drivers should regularly check how much oil is left in the pan to prevent heat-related damage.

The last sign you may need an oil change is time. If you’re not sure if you need an oil change, get one anyway. Oil changes should be done frequently and will always do more good than harm.

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Oil?

Greeneville TN Oil Change Deals

Checking your engine’s oil is easy, but be careful! Make sure your engine is cool before checking its oil levels.

The simplest answer? You might lose your car.

Most of the damage associated with old oil is related to over-heating.

Generally speaking, without oil changes every few months, your engine can overheat. Really overheat. Eventually, the engine may get so hot that some components will warp, crack, or break seals.

You may also experience a blown head gasket, an absolutely vital component of your engine. The head gasket rests between your car’s cylinder head and engine block. Thus, the gasket seals the coolant and oil return passage as well as the pistons and cylinder. If the seals fail, your car can no longer correctly redirect the necessary engine fluids and gases. When this happens, you may have the pleasure of trying to fix a blown head gasket. A blown head gasket will almost always make its presence known while on the road, suddenly filling your view with milky white smoke. Often, the costs of having an expert repair a blown gasket will be more than the value of the car itself!

Finally, engines running with low or no oil are the most likely to experience an engine seizure. Engines seize most often due to lack of oil, broken seals or timing belts, and excessive rust. On rare occasions, seized engines can be repaired or replaced. However, once a car’s engine locks up, it’s unlikely to ever drive again.

Why Ford Service Coupons? Get the works!

Active now but not forever, coupons can be printed from the official Ford Service Coupons page for the work’s premium oil changes.

For an absurdly low price, drivers who visit Ford service centers like Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center receive several benefits along with their walk-in oil change service.

Drivers who take advantage of the works full-service oil change will receive up to six quarts of quality Motorcraft synthetic blend oil and either a Motorcraft or Omnicraft oil filter depending on the customer’s vehicle model.

Additionally, customers will enjoy a complimentary tire rotation, pressure check, brake inspection, fluid top-off, battery test, filter check, and belts and hoses check, all for less than $50!

Active currently, there’s no better time than any time to drop by your local Quick Lane Tire for walk-in services.

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Incredible Greeneville TN oil change deals are being offered online from the official Ford Service Coupon website. Not just for Ford, all drivers can enjoy up to 5 complimentary services with their walk-in oil change!

Greeneville oil change deals and more service discounts are available near you! Get details on more specials currently being offered below:

The following savings are found on the Ford Service Coupon website, active at the time of writing. Visit the company website to see which of their available services are discounted at the local Ford service center or Quick Lane Tire in Greeneville!

  • the works brand synthetic blend full-service oil change, $50 or less
  • Complimentary brake inspection
  • Free battery test
  • Break pad installation, $100 or less
  • Complete brake service, $180 or less
  • Lifetime guarantee on Motorcraft and Omnicraft brake pads installed by Quick Lane or official Ford dealership
  • $20 Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades
  • Motorcraft Test Touch PLUS batteries starting at $105
  • Motorcraft Test Touch MAX batteries starting at $135
  • $75 rebate on your purchase of four select Goodyear or Kelly tires
  • Low Price Tire Guarantee

The best Greeneville TN oil change deals are guaranteed from the Ford Service Coupon website, whether you drive a Ford F-150 or a vehicle from another major manufacturer brand.