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Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me

Is it time for an oil change? Ford Service Coupon offers Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me! Since we are direct partners with local Ford service centers, our discounts are exclusive for you.

Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me

Keep on top of your oil changes with the experts at Ford!

When you come to a Ford dealership for your vehicle maintenance, you can expect competitive prices, efficient service, and trustworthy technicians. There is a misconception that going to a dealership for car service is expensive, but with Ford Service Coupon, we can cut your costs in half.

We have many convenient locations and offer comprehensive auto maintenance care at our service centers and Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center. Regardless if you’re looking for a quick oil change, we offer free brake inspections and full vehicle checkups.

We know your time is a priority, so we take it seriously. Appointments are not required, so whenever you have a free moment, stop by for Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me.

Why Choose Ford

When you take your vehicle to the closest Ford service center, you can have peace of mind because we know your car best. Our technicians are factory- trained by the engineers that crafted our Ford vehicles. They are experts in all aspects of car maintenance can provide you with a brake inspection, multipoint inspection, battery test, vehicle checkup, and of course, synthetic blend oil changes.

Whatever your car, truck, or SUV needs, Ford’s trained mechanics are eager to help you. If you want the fastest service done right the first time, we are the ones to get it done. Please keep reading to learn about how our oil change specials can maximize the performance of your car.

When You Skip an Oil Change

When you skip an oil change, it may not seem like a big deal at first. You won’t notice the signs of old oil in your engine right away. It may take some time before you become aware, and by then, it has most likely caused irreversible damage.

When you skip an oil change, you are damaging your engine. Please continue reading to understand how oil protects your engine and why you need an oil change every 3,000 to 7,0000 miles.

Oil Lubricates your Engine

Think of your engine as the heart of your car and the oil as the blood that runs through it. When you are proactive about your oil changes, and filters oil will smoothly run through your engine, lubricating the fast-moving parts through it.

Without oil lubricating, your engine would be grinding metal parts against metal. This would lead to metal shavings and your engine wearing down from the friction. Your engine oil has three important roles in a vehicle. It cleans, cools, and lubricates. Without oil, your engine would quickly fail.

Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me

Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me

Inside Your Engine

Ford engines are carefully designed to incredibly tight tolerances. Each moving part in the engine is less than the width of a human hair apart.

With spaces that small moving at such high speeds, there is little room for error. As mentioned before, oil lubricates these parts and prevents grinding. The pistons and cylinders are always passing each other on a thin film of oil.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cylinders and pistons in your engine are not flat. To the bare eye, they may appear smooth, but they have microscopic grooves in them that guide them. Without these grooves, the parts would go everywhere.

These grooves make the need for oil even greater. Lack of oil will grind down the grooves, causing your engine to fail. This type of damage is irreversible.

How Oil Cools the Engine

In addition to oil lubricating your engine, it also cools it. After your motor has been running for a while, your machine will heat up. Have you ever felt the hood of your car after you’ve been driving for a long time? It can warm up and even be hot to touch. That is just from the heat radiating from the engine.

The engine can reach an internal temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit! That is why you should wait for your engine to cool before opening the hood and doing any work.

Cooling an engine is a huge job that your oil performs. Since cooling an engine is such a large job, an entire system is dedicated to doing so. The cooling system consists of the radiator, the thermostat, coolant, and the hose. The oil absorbs the heat and evenly distributes it around the engine to keep the temperature consistent.

This way, your engine will never overheat. Another role oil plays is it prevents premature damage by stopping your engine from reaching too high temperatures.

How Oil Cleans Your Engine

Over time your engine will pick up dirt and filth. The oil running through your engine picks it up and carries it to the oil filter. Then the oil will continue to recirculate through your engine and clean it again. That is why it is essential to get new oil and change your oil filter.

If you fail to do so, then the dirt collected from your engine will have nowhere to go and eventually turn to sludge. Sludge is terrible news for your engine. When the oil in your engine becomes old and has not been cleaned, it begins to solidify.

Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me

Checking your engine’s oil is easy, but be careful! Make sure your engine is cool before checking its oil levels.

The combination of grime build-up and oxidation stops it from flowing through the engine. This can have disastrous results to your engine because as it clogs up in the tight spaces between the engine parts, oil can not lubricate the fast-moving parts.

This can result in overheating and metal shavings. The grinding of metal in your engine means expensive repairs and potential replacements.

Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me

Your oil should be replaced every 3 to 6 months to keep your oil functional and clean for longer. To avoid sludge build-up, we recommend coming in proactively for your oil changes.

When you use Ford Service Coupons, you can spend less to get a synthetic blend oil change or top off. Use our Greeneville TN Oil Change Specials Near Me at your local ford dealership.

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