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Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

New offers are available at Ford Service Coupon for the Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center. Drop by today for walk-in service and enjoy a complimentary brake inspection!

See the following article for details on how drivers save big with Ford Service Coupons. For a full list of Ford services, visit the website or stop by your local Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center today!

Quick Lane® Services

Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

The Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center workshop team provides extraordinary vehicle maintenance and repair on all major vehicle manufacturer brands. Though team members are factory-trained experts on Ford vehicles, each member is required to have professional certification to work on all major vehicle brands.

Overall, this Ford-owned service center aims to provide all-inclusive services. That is, drivers can walk-in today, have their vehicle checked, purchase the needed parts, and have their service completed all in one visit.

The most common service requests are for oil and filter changes, brake pad replacement, and new tire installation. Other common requests include services for alternators, cooling systems, and air conditioning. The Hartford center also provides walk-in services for transmissions, suspension and steering systems, wheel alignments, and tire rotations. Many of these services include detailed inspections with Vehicle Check-Up reports.

All in all, Hartford’s Quick Lane Tire is all set to be your one-stop-auto shop when you need routine services. Experts are always on-site to deliver quality, walk-in service for all your regular auto care needs.

Now, drop by the Quick Lane® in Hartford KY any time during normal business hours for a free car battery check!

Quick Lane® Customer Service

The Quick Lane workshop model is designed for customer convenience and satisfaction. When drivers bring in their Ford or another major manufacturer vehicle, Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center has everything ready to carry out routine services immediately.

Previously, drivers requesting services at other workshops are often made to wait for days before the service is even begun. This happens often when a lack of on-site parts availability and low staffing results in slower turnarounds. To this end, Quick Lane workshops also double as a small part store!

Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Get premium services for less at the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Hartford!

Parts such as batteries, belts and hoses, wiper blades, belts lamps, bulbs, and more are available now at your local Hartford Quick Lane auto service center. The expert team members both sell and install these parts on your schedule.

Drivers searching for parts may find themselves buying from uncertified sellers or reluctantly postponing repair services.  Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center has rivers covered!

Since Quick Lane is a subsidiary of the world-famous Ford Motor Company, high-quality, Ford-brand parts are always readily available. Specifically, Ford Motor Co. directly manufactures the multitude of Motorcraft® and OmnicraftTM always available at Quick Lane workshops. Furthermore, the 100+ year old company provides a 2-year warranty on all Motorcraft® (by Ford, for Ford) and OmnicraftTM (compatible with most vehicles) parts that include labor fees!

Additionally, busy drivers can rest easily. Since Quick Lane’s keeps in inventory stock and workshop staffed with experts, turnaround times average at just one hour! As a result, walk-ins are expected and happily accepted.

Call (859) 341-6603 today and see if Ford Service Coupon can save you time and money on your next routine service!

About Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

As previously mentioned, Quick Lane auto shop is owned by the world-class Ford Motor Company. This U.S.-based company is known for upending the auto industry with brilliant business moves that customers love, and Quick Lane is no different.

The auto service center launched as a pilot program in 1997. Following typical Ford fashion, the highly convenient garage became an instant hit domestically. Consequently, Quick Lane centers all over America began reaching capacity much more quickly than expected. Customers began experiencing long lines, waiting periods, and therefore longer turnaround times.

The Ford company has always valued customer satisfaction and fairness for all drivers. The inconveniences experienced during this time by customers went against company values.

Finally, five years after launching, Ford Motor Company made the decision to open a staggering 80 all-new Quick Lane locations in one year!

Now, Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers are available all over the globe. Locations are open in countries such as China, Australia, South Africa, India, South America, and Thailand.

Not to mention, Quick Lane acquired the title sponsorship rights to the company’s hometown post-season football bowl in 2014. The Detroit Lions renewed the Quick Lane Bowl partnership through 2022.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Co. has an interesting habit of changing the world and making history. The founder, the engineer and inventor Henry Ford, is often incorrectly thought to have built the first vehicle.

Truthfully, Ford built the first vehicle available for average consumers. Ford dreamt of seeing a Ford in the driveway of every American family and nearly succeeded. Ford’s Model T sold out almost immediately, and demand increased beyond factory capabilities. Still, Ford responded to America’s demand.

Four years after the Model T’s release, Ford Motor Company changed the world by installing the first moving assembly line in 1913. This game-changer reduced the time needed to manufacture a single Model T by 87.5%!

When other businesses naturally followed suit, Ford’s innovation greatly widened the overall scope of the Industrial Revolution. The world now recognizes  Henry Ford as a historical figure and critically important inventor.

Ripley WV quick lane tire

Quick Lane® offers the best prices on name-brand tires. When you share ad information and materials from a certified seller, we’ll match it, guaranteed!

Ford Service Coupon | Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center deals, specials, and discounts

The following information is available on the Ford Service Coupon website. All deals shown are active at the time of writing:

  • $20 Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades
  • Break pad installation, $100 or less
  • Lifetime guarantee on Motorcraft and Omnicraft brake pads installed by Quick Lane or official Ford dealership
  • Complete brake service, $180 or less
  • the works brand synthetic blend full-service oil change, $50 or less
  • Complimentary brake inspection
  • Motorcraft Test Touch PLUS batteries, $105
  • Motorcraft Test Touch MAX batteries, starting at $135
  • $75 rebate when purchasing four select Goodyear or Kelly tires
  • Low Price Tire Guarantee on any brand sold in Quick Lane shops

For details on local deals, call (859) 341-6603 or see your local Hartford KY Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center team today!

Hartford KY Fun Facts!

  • In 2010, the population was less than 3,000.
  • The town’s second courthouse was destroyed during the Civil War.
  • Climate is typically hot and humid with mild winters.
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