How does the Weather Impact my Car?

You might be asking yourself, how does the weather impact my car? Does it matter that it’s hotter than the Sahara desert or colder than Jack Frost’s refrigerator? We’re here to tell you that… yeah, absolutely weather matters.

Your vehicle can withstand a lot, always taking you to where you need to go. The only thing you might think your car asks of you is regular maintenance. Which is true enough, but even a nonsentient hunk of metal can prefer a cool breeze and nice weather.

Seeing Is Believing

Let’s get into how weather can impact your vehicle. Starting with the obvious impact, a visual one! If you encounter hail while on the road, it could range from pea-size iceballs to frozen meatballs of destruction. Hail can leave dents or crack windows; either way, this is a form of weather impact.

Iced roads are also on this visual scale of weather that can impact your vehicle. While it’s harder to see while you’re driving, ice on the road will still leave your tires forgetting everything they know about physics. You’ll find yourself sliding from the impact if you’re at a high speed, but you can combat this with the right tires.

Grab Some Shades

How does the weather impact my car?

It’s getting hot in here!

The more detrimental weather impacts are not so apparent. Things like hot weather can really mess with the inner mechanics of your vehicle. Because much how like a human would sweat in extreme heat, your car battery does basically the same.

Heat will compromise the interior of your battery and cause it to die faster. The water build-up from the heat will pool and dilute the acid of your battery. This will cause the battery to start at a slower pace until it just gives up.

Heat will also cause the oil your engine depends on to evaporate. This can lead to many ways your engine can shut down or even lock up on you. Road trips are so much harder to do when you have to walk the 500 miles. And we bet that The Proclaimers didn’t have luggage when they were making that trek.

Silent Killer

Cold weather will impact your vehicle slowly, but efficiently because you won’t realize it’s happening. It will suck the life out of the battery and tires until it’s nothing more than a post-apocalyptic set piece. When the temperature drops, your tire pressure decrease. This can lead your wheels to become misaligned, or you could damage the rims.

Furthermore, the battery will have a hard time starting in the cold, as things move slower in low temperatures. Your battery will try to keep up, but it will exert more and more power each time, thus draining it faster.


How does the weather impact my car?

Our techs can help your vehicle square up against the weather.

You can prevent or combat your vehicle against things like weather impact. Head to your local Ford dealership and ask about weather-specific options! Give us a call and we’ll help outfit your vehicle to take on the elements like a pro. Because whether you’re a first-time buyer or upgrading your parts when you come to us, you’ll always be Built Ford Tough!