How to Determine You Need a Brake Inspection

If you have begun to hear noises associated with your vehicle’s braking system, consider bringing it to your local Ford service department for a brake inspection. Furthermore, your Ford dealership can help with an assortment of other maintenance and repair work.

How to Determine You Need a Brake Inspection

You can find brake inspection services at your local Ford dealership!

Your vehicle’s braking system is an important part of what keeps you safe on the road. This system transfers kinetic energy that your wheels gather and store while in motion. To summarize, as the vehicle comes to a stop, the braking system transforms this energy to heat and directs it to the metal brake pads and rotors.

In comparison to the pulley and cable systems of the early 20th Century, hydraulic brakes are far more reliable and efficient. However, this ultimately depends on your commitment to keeping your brakes in excellent working order. Keep reading to discover the warning signs that tell you your vehicle needs a brake inspection!

Get a Brake Inspection if…

You hear noises

If you begin to hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises, chances are your brakes are ready for a routine inspection. An inspection is necessary because your mechanic uses that time to determine the cause of those noises.

For instance, it could be something as simple as dirty rotors. Polishing them up may do away with the noises. However, it could also be as serious as worn rotors and brake pads. When these parts become worn down, they do not function properly.

Your vehicle overheats

As stated previously, the tires of your vehicle gather and store a tremendous amount of kinetic energy while in motion. If this energy is not properly converted to heat and transferred to the brake pads and rotors, your tires may begin to overheat.

Brakes often heat up to 950 degrees when coming to a stop from high speeds! Your metal brake pads and rotors can handle this, but rubber tires cannot. Therefore, if you begin to detect the smell of rubber or something similar, it is likely time to bring your vehicle to the shop.

How to Determine You Need a Brake Inspection

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