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Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons

Are you in need of Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons? If so, then you’ve come to the right place because our Ford Coupon Services works directly with your local Ford Dealerships to snag you the most valuable deals!

Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons

Ford diesel mechanics know how to handle our brand-new, eco-friendly technology. Get a new warranty of any kind at your closest location within a reasonable date.

At Ford Motor Company, we understand precisely what our vehicles need to operate effectively and remain durable throughout the years. When you trust one of our many conveniently located dealerships to maintain your car or truck, we can assure you your vehicle will remain on the road longer and perform better.

No other company has a history like ours, so you can be assured that you are getting services that have been perfected through the decades. Call us today for Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons!

Ford’s History

Ford roots go all the way back to 1899 when founder Henry Ford first joined the Detroit Automobile Company. In 1901 Henry created a 26 horsepower race car that was the winner of the Detroit driving club. This victory launched him into a short-lived business endeavor called the Henry Ford Company.

Then in 1903, he and 12 investors incorporated the Ford Motor Company. During the first year of business, they already turned over a profit of 37,000 dollars. With their success booming in 1907, ford has its iconic logo made, and it is still used to this day.

Ford Trucks Then and Now

One of the most famous designs created by ford was the model T in 1908 and sold over 15 million Model T’s before stopping production. Today Ford is known for its heavy-duty, durable trucks, but they have a humble start. In 1917 they introduced the first truck known as the ford model TT.

Its early pickup rate was only at one ton, which is about 2,000 pounds. Compared to today’s standard Ford heavy-duty trucks, which can handle up to 24,000 pounds, equivalent to 12 tons! The V8 engine was first introduced to the market in 1932 and was a huge success. The American market loved the powerful engine and lead the way for the machines we know and love today.

The Different Ford Truck Models

Through the years, ford has refined and perfected its truck models for maximum performance and durability. As of now, they offer six different truck models, each with its unique qualities and specifications. Keep reading to learn about all of these compelling models.

The Ford Ranger

Under the hood of the 2021 Ford Ranger, you’ll be welcomed by a turbocharged 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine that generates 270 horsepower and an impressive 310 of torque. In the ranger trucks, you can expect quick and smooth shifts due to its 10-speed automatic. The ranger is designed with a highly responsive terrain management system that optimizes your transmission gear on various terrains.

The ranger is considered a good off-roader with towing capabilities for its class. With a tow rating of 7500 pounds making it’s the best fuel-efficient mid-sized truck. Its powerful engine allows this truck to be the only pickup truck in its class and winning best in its category for gas torque.

The Popular Ford F-150

This truck has a big reputation, and rightfully so. There are many reasons why this truck has been such a popular choice for trucks across North America. For starters, it is one of the most affordable trucks in relation to quality. They are straightforward to maintain, and any repairs that need to be done are not costly. Easily replaceable parts and low maintenance fees are important factors to consider when purchasing a truck.

Reliable and Practical F-150

The F-150 is reliable and practical, so it is no wonder that owners keep buying these trucks repeatedly. It is one of the leaders in gas mileage and is endurably spacious. These practicalities result in a versatile truck attracting families and businesses alike. Incredibly this truck comfortably sits six and can be customized with a turbo boost diesel or an eco-boost.

The customizable engine models available for the F-150 are the Ti-VCT, V6, or the longstanding V8. Even though this truck is recognized as a light-duty truck, you wouldn’t be able to guess that from the way it performs. It won best in its class for towing and has a towing capacity of up to 8000 pounds! It also won best in class for payload capabilities.

Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons

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Through the Years

After thirteen generations of the F-150 on the market, the demand for this durable truck has only risen. Every year as the technologies advance, so does the F-150. Currently, this truck features automatic brake assist, Co-pilot360, and the most modern lane-keeping system.

Not to mention this truck is beloved for its ability to be customized. Ford offers seven trim models for the F-150. They provide a vast amount of choices through their custom body kits. Our Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons can save you money on these custom options.

Ford Raptor

In 2010 ford launched the Ford Raptor on the market as a fully dedicated off-road truck. Fast forward to 2019; Ford enhanced the raptor’s high performance with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

What makes the Ford Raptor truly special is its performance. It is the highest performing F-150 and Ranger available. The Raptor is king in off-road handling due to its 450 horsepower capability and 510 pounds of torque power! It also has a tremendous towing potential of 800o pounds off-road. It is unusually affordable and fuel-efficient.

Ford F-250

You are sure to lead the pack with Fords most capable super duty truck on the market. The first generation of this massive truck began in 1988 and had evolved into the best truck in its class for numerous capabilities.

It won best in its class for the categories of horsepower, payload, and GVWR. GVWR stands for gross vehicle waiting rating, which is the total amount of weight that the truck can safely carry. In addition, it has a towing capacity of 21,000 pounds!

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Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons

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We are always striving for the closest thing to perfection so you can be sure you are getting the most up to date vehicle technologies. We urge you to visit us in person so we can help you use your Hurricane WV Ford Dealership Coupons!

Fun Facts about Hurricane West Virginia

  • Hurricane WV got its unique name when settlers discover bent trees in the area, saying the area appeared as it had been hit by a hurricane
  • In 2019 a census concluded the population was around 6,430 residents.
  • Hurricane Wv is apart of the Huntington metropolitan area
  • To learn more about this town visit us