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Hurricane WV Motorcraft

Ford Motor Company is now offering Hurricane WV Motorcraft car batteries starting at $104, and other deals!

See the following article for more details on current offers on parts and services.

Hurricane WV Motorcraft parts and availability

Hurricane WV motorcraft

Hurricane WV Motorcraft

Guaranteed to be quality, Ford Motorcraft® parts are available at all Ford servicing locations as well as most auto parts stores. Naturally, Ford Motor Company recommends Motorcraft® for all Ford vehicle maintenance and repair, including Lincolns. However, Ford Motor Company is now even able to service cars from other manufacturers with their Omnicraft parts line.

Motorcraft parts are famously effective and cost-efficient. Every Motorcraft purchase comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that includes parts and labor with unlimited mileage. Anyone who has a Ford vehicle should search for Motorcraft parts when receiving or performing any repairs on their vehicles. Customers don’t usually find it difficult to find what they need when they need it.

With original equipment manufacturing as well as premium aftermarket replacement parts, you will always find the right part for the vehicle you’re looking for. Ford’s Motorcraft line includes all the parts needed for maintenance and repair for Ford vehicles. Overall, this includes parts needed to service air conditioning systems, brakes, chassis, belts and hoses, alternators, and batteries.

Likewise, Ford ensures parts availability through their subsidriary parts store and auto workshop, Quick Lane Tire & Auto Shop. This global automotive chain provides all-inclusive service for your regular maintenance and repair needs. Not to mention that with over 800 domestic locaations, a Quick Lane is available at a location near you,.

Motorcraft vs Omnicraft

Potential customers who own vehicles from other brands shouldn’t feel left out. In 2017, Ford Motor Company decided it wasn’t enough to be the number 1 truck dealer in the world. The company then decided to begin the sale of its Omnicraft parts line. Motorcraft® parts are for Ford alone, while Omnicraft parts work for most vehicles. Consequently, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, General Motors, and more car owners are in luck!

Specifically, Omnicraft parts are manufactured by other certified companies and dealers through a direct-to-Ford sales agreement that guarantees Ford quality. Backed by the Ford Motor Company quality guarantee, the parts are then sold in Ford’s Quick Lane Tire & Auto Shops and some general auto parts stores.

Why Motorcraft?

Hurricane WV motorcraft

Popular Motorcraft® synthetic oil blend

Compared to competitors, the Motorcraft synthetic oil blend has become a fan-favorite for its great value and quality. See what other products Motorcraft® has to offer for your individual needs, backed by a Ford guarantee.

Motorcraft parts include OEM parts and replacement parts. Have you ever had to search eBay or other resale sites for a rarer part? Ford eliminates the need for the search by ensuring all parts are available on hand at any Ford dealer. To put it simply, Ford wants to be your one-stop shop for parts and trucks, and the company is well on its way.

Motorcraft® was officially branded in 1972. By the late 1950s, replacement parts for Ford vehicles were already being produced by a certified and well-known manufacturer, the Electric Autolite Company. Acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1961, the company name was changed to Motorcraft and the rest is history.


Ford Motor Company is the owner and manufacturer of Motorcraft®. Ford is also the owner of Omnicraft™. The company is a uniquely famous and globally respected American brand. Henry Ford founded the company in 1903 when he began the sale of his first standardized automobile, the Model T, following years of experimental engineering.

The idea behind Ford’s Model-T was durability, versatility, and purchasability. Designed to be the All-American family vehicle, his invention was a huge success in the United States. The Model T was so successful in fact that Ford Motor Company was unable to produce automobiles at the rate of requests.

Henry Ford began to wonder, is it possible to safely, efficiently, and quickly build a quality automobile? Evidently, yes. The engineer came to an idea that would soon change the world. Could he have known?

Ford Motor Company was the first manufacturing business to design and make use of a moving assembly line! With his ingenious plan installed in 1913, the manufacturer was able to reduce the time needed to build one Ford automobile from 12 hours to 1 and a half. This innovation reduced production time by 87.5%! And you know what they say about time…

Hurricane WV motorcraft

All the parts you need, Ford or not, built Ford Tough!

Mass production quickly became the norm in many industries, with Ford Motor Company continuing to blaze a trail that leaves it among the top manufacturers globally to this day. Henry Ford is a well-known father of the industrial revolution, if not directly responsible for its massive growth.

Ford, Motorcraft, and COVID-19

Motorcraft considers the safety of the utmost importance. The health and safety of their customers, employees, and dealers are maintained by following strict company guidelines.

Social-distancing rules are applied along with the addition of CDC-approved cleansers. The lounge areas are continuously cleaned throughout the day. Team members are equipped with masks and gloves. Gloves and masks are provided to all team members.

Ford cares about its customers! For information on how Ford Motor Company and Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center are helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, visit their company website!

Hurricane WV Motorcraft deals and other discounts:

The following deals are on the company site and all information is current at the time of writing:

  • Motorcraft Test Touch PLUS batteries, $105
  • Motorcraft Test Touch MAX batteries, starting at $135
  • $20 Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades
  • Lifetime guarantee on Motorcraft and Omnicraft brake pads installed by Quick Lane or official Ford dealership
  • Low Price Tire Guarantee on any brand sold in Quick Lane shops
  • Free battery testing
  • Complimentary brake inspection
  • Break pad installation, $100 or less
  • Complete brake service, $180 or less
  • TheWorks brand synthetic blend full-service oil change, $50 or less
  • $75 rebate when you purchase four select Goodyear or Kelly tires

Ford Motorcraft parts can be purchased from any Ford dealership and Quick Lane Tire & Auto Shop, as well as other general auto parts stores. To find parts information and materials near you, call (859) 341-6603 and contact your local Hurricane WV Motorcraft dealer today!

Did you know? Hurricane WV Fun Facts:

  • The city was named Hurricane when explorers first came upon Hurricane Creek to find very large trees knocked over in what seemed to be a dangerous storm they’d missed
  • As of 2013, Hurricane WV has 1 high school, 1 middle school, 4 elementary schools, 2 major parks, and less than 7,000 residents
  • The location of an important Civil War battle, the Battle of Hurricane Bridge in 1863
  • Find out more Fun Facts about Hurricane WV!