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Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop

When looking for auto repair shops, look no further than Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop!

With unbeatable savings and optimal quality, there’s no need to continue searching.

Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop

It can be excruciatingly stressful to search for the perfect car mechanic. That’s why Ford dealerships are here for you!

With their 2021 savings coupons, they make it easy to choose where to service your car, truck, or SUV.

Jackson History

There are a lot of people living in Jackson, OH. 6,230 to be exact, according to the 2019 census bureau.

That’s a whole lot of people who will inevitably require car maintenance and repairs!

Ford service dealerships understand this, and at Mark Porter dealership in Jackson, there’s no reason to choose any other car mechanic.

Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop understands that there are many car repair options for you to decide on, but with such unbeatable savings for 2021, the hunt for affordable car repairs stops now.

With over one hundred years in the car building industry, Ford is one of the most reliable names in the car service game. They take genuine pride and care when handling your vehicle and its routine needs.

Ford understands you need your vehicle for every-day life, and they know you don’t want to sacrifice cost for quality when keeping up with repair necessities.

Ford’s reputation is built by being consistent about providing quality service to every customer who walks in the dealership.

Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop

When you need speedy service visit your local Quick Lane service station today!

They understand that to maintain your vehicle to the fullest extent, there’s a certain level of care that must be considered.

Ford wants to keep your car at an optimal level, which is why they have access to OEM parts.

OEM is an acronym for the original equipment manufacturer, which means that the same engineers who designed your car are providing the same parts for your car’s replacement needs.

Services With Ford

There is a multitude of different services provided by Ford. They vary depending on what precisely you need, but whether it’s replacement parts, new brakes, a new car battery, oil changes, or tires, Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop has just what you need!

Replacement Parts

One of the 2021 service coupon savings covers replacement parts. These are all OEM parts, and right now, you can get Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades for just $19.96 MSRP. This also includes a warranty for 24-months!

That’s a deal you cannot find anywhere else. However, the savings don’t just stop here.


Ford understands that your car’s brakes are crucial to its overall health and longevity. That’s why they created a special coupon for brakes.

Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop

Prevent accidents by keeping your brakes properly maintained.

If you find yourself desperate for some new brake pads, stop into Ford, and they’ll order and install them for just $99.95.

Compared to the usual price of brake pads being around $246 per axle, this is a deal that no dealership in Jackson can beat. 


There’s nothing more inconvenient than a dead car battery. Many different factors can cause your battery to die much sooner than expected. 

The life expectancy of a vehicle’s battery is about three years, but it depends highly on the environment and driver habits. It’s smart to get your battery tested about every few months. 

Luckily, Ford thought of this and is offering a 2021 battery special. Currently, Ford Motorcraft Tested Tough Plus batteries are just $104.95. This includes the 24-month warranty as well. 

The quality and cost cannot be beaten anywhere other than Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop.

Oil Change

Ford honestly did think of everything when they came up with these coupons. Their most popular 2021 service coupon is The Works special. 

There’s a ton of pressure to get your oil changed regularly. If you don’t, your old oil can turn into what’s known as “sludge.” The havoc that this sludge can reek on your car’s engine over time is irreversible.

Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop

Head on over to our website to view a full list of our available service coupons!

Without proper oil change maintenance, your engine could be damaged so badly you’ll need a new one. The cost for a new engine is around $3,000-$4,000. If you have a car less than three years old, the price could be much higher. 

That’s why Ford wanted to make sure they had you covered! 

What The Works has to offer is a variety of essential car maintenance duties and checkups. Besides a premium synthetic blend oil change, The Works package comes with: 

  • A vehicle checkup
  • Brake inspection
  • Top-off’s on mandatory fluids
  • Tire pressure checks
  • A battery test
  • Filter check
  • Belts and hoses check
  • Rotation of your tires

That’s a lot of inclusions for what you’d pay for a regular oil change! When your car has needs like these that are so frequent, why not choose Ford dealerships for your regular oil change? 

When you choose Ford for The Works package, you get a whole bundle of essentials! 


What if you find yourself needing some new tires? There’s nothing more painful than an unexpected blow-out. 

Tire damage can occur for various reasons, but there’s no reason you should be stuck stranded! Getting your tires frequently checked and rotated is an essential part of your tires and wheels’ general health.

Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop

Stop in today for the best tire deals in Jackson!

Ford never wants you to be stuck. That’s why they extended their 2021 savings coupons to tires

If you purchase a set of four tires, you automatically get up to a $70 rebate by mail or have the option to earn up to 25,0000 FordPass Rewards bonus Points. 

The Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center is the go-to shop for your vehicle’s tire needs. Services for steering, headlights, brakes, transmission, cooling systems, or any essential vehicle part can be made available through here! 


With so many amazing 2021 service coupon deals, it’s no wonder why Ford has been in the auto industry for over a century. 

Ford provides quality parts and service for prices that you won’t find at any other dealership in Jackson. You can give them a call today to find out more about their special savings and deals. 

At Ford dealership, there are savings for everyone! No matter if you have a car, truck, or SUV, Ford has your back on all services and repairs needed. 

There’s no reason you should put off mandatory car maintenance; Jackson OH Ford Repair Shop is the place to go for the best savings in town! 

Fun facts of Jackson: 

  • Jackson is home to the Lillian Jones museum.
  • It is home to the famous Jackson County Apple Festival.
  • Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1911.
  • For more interesting facts on Jackson, you can view the official page.