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Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels

Don’t stress about where to get your wheel and tire replacements; head to Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels for unbeatable deals!

Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels

With so many dealership options to decide on, it can be a stressful endeavor to find the best auto shop.

Luckily, Ford has their 2021 service coupons here to save you from the hassle. With deals unlike anywhere else, it’s no wonder why Ford is the #1 American-made dealership.

Background of Lavalette

The city of Lavalette is small but scenic. Outside of West Virginia, it sits around gorgeous mountains and scenic hiking and biking areas.

Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels

Don’t wait, get your vehicle looked at before a road-trip at Ford dealerships in Lavalette WV.

Tourists visit for the glorious nature, enjoying the boating and fishing activities. However, the population of Lavalette is about 1,356.

While it’s not the most considerable number of people, it still means many drivers out on the road who need quality and affordable vehicle parts at some point.

With Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels, your search for the best auto shop in town has finally come to an end at the doors of River City dealerships.

Why Go With Ford?

Ford’s main intention is to provide top-notch customer service and auto parts for all their loyal customers.

If you’re a proud Ford truck, car, or SUV owner, you can fully expect prime access to OEM replacement parts or accessories at our dealership.

Firstly, there are a couple of different options when it comes to needing a replacement part. One option is to go with a dealership, like Ford.

At Ford dealership, you’re given the option of getting OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer). Their branch-off parts brand, Motorcraft, create these Ford OEM parts.

Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels

Let the pros at Ford have a go.

The other option is to go to an independent auto shop, where they will give you the less superior, aftermarket replacement parts.

Whether it’s mandatory car maintenance or a more serious auto repair, you want peace-of-mind in knowing that you’re getting parts that will last your car’s lifetime.

Due to this, Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels is the most recommended option over aftermarket vehicle parts.

OEM Parts: What’re They?

When you are replacing your vehicle parts, such as the wheels or tires, you can either go with original equipment manufacture (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts.

There are more than a few reasons why OEM parts are much more reliable when compared to aftermarket.

OEM versus Aftermarket

If you decide to go with an independent mom-and-pop shop, you will get aftermarket parts. These auto replacement parts will be far cheaper, which is their main appeal to people.

With that being said, it’s easy to see why the public generally gravitates to aftermarket parts; but cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels

Ford offers original motorcraft parts too!

When you initially take a dive with the price and quality, you end up racking up costs in the long run.

Furthermore, aftermarket parts also have the potential to be a few measurements off. While this might not sound like a critical issue, it makes a difference when it comes to your vehicle. A few measures off could be the difference between life and death.

OEM Benefits

Opposite of aftermarket parts, OEM parts are designed to fit your vehicle thoroughly.

Since the original vehicle manufacturer creates them, you’ll have no worries when it comes to the possibility of a few measurements being off with your replacement part.

The perks of choosing OEM parts are lengthy, but to list a few:

  • Getting the proper fit
  • Preserving originality of your vehicle
  • Highest quality on the market
  • Warranty inclusion

Proper fit

Because these parts are created by the initial manufacturers, as mentioned, there is no worry about whether they will fit.

That’s the main benefit of OEM parts over aftermarket; you get huge reassurance that your car will run the same as it did before the necessary part replacement.

Vehicle originality

There is no better option for replacement parts than OEM when it comes to preserving your vehicle’s originality. OEM parts ensure that your car is as close to its original state as possible.

This helps to preserve the car’s overall value, which means a lot to car enthusiasts and fanatics. If you’re ever looking to trade or sell your car in the future, OEM parts are the best replacement parts to consider.

Buyers or traders will be skeptical of service records that show aftermarket replacement parts. Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels will have you reassured that your car’s originality remains preserved.


Because OEM parts are created from the original manufacturers, you’re receiving the best possible quality on the market.

Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels

Stop by Quick Lane today!

Aftermarket parts are produced on a mass-scale, which means far lower quality. While OEM parts are also built on a large scale, they are made with premium materials and up to Ford’s standards.

When paying for replacement vehicle parts, you want your car to run as well as it did before the part needed replacing. OEM parts can ensure this.


Finally, the warranty on OEM parts is an enormous appeal to car owners. Aftermarket replacement parts never come with a warranty.

Since Ford’s OEM replacement parts are by Motorcraft, there is a full warranty on any part you need replacing. A warranty means reassurance that even if your replacement part breaks down on you, Ford can simply replace it again at no cost to you.

OEM Motorcraft Products

There are a few different warranty-covered OEM Motorcraft parts, such as:

  • Batteries
  • Air conditioning
  • Brakes
  • Belts
  • Chasis
  • Cooling systems and caps
  • Chemicals
  • Drivetrain parts
  • Filters
  • Electrical
  • Fuel pumps
  • Lubricants
  • Relays, control modules, etc.
  • Small electrical motors
  • Sensors
  • Spark plugs
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Wiper blades

And these are just a few- visit their official site to view more OEM Motorcraft auto parts!

Parts Coupon

Ford understands that no one enjoys having to replace their vehicle parts, which is why they wanted to include a parts and accessories coupon to their savings list.

From big to small, Ford has it all. If you purchase a Motorcraft cabin air or engine air filter, you will earn 500 FordPass Rewards bonus Points. These points can be used towards future service, accessories, or even your next vehicle purchase.

A smaller but still significant parts coupon is for Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades for only $19.96 MSRP.

These are deals on auto parts you will not find anywhere else in Lavalette.


Why choose any other auto shop in Lavalette when Ford has such premium savings and deals on mandatory car parts?

You’d be crazy not to go to Ford for all things part replacement-related, and much more. Lavalette WV Ford OEM Wheels have the best deals in town for wheels, tires, and much more!

Fun Facts of Lavalette

  • They have a paid EMS ambulance service that has a transport unit, and two emergency response squads.
  • Lavalette is part of Wayne County.
  • They have a 35 member volunteer fire department.
  • For more interesting facts, visit their official website.