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Lavalette WV Tire Deals

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Is It Time to Change Your Tires?

Lavalette WV Tire Deals

Check the Tread! Is it time to get new tires? Find Lavalette WV tire deals near you!

Recent automotive surveys approximate that there are as many as one billion passenger vehicles on the road globally. With this many drivers on the road, the average driver is likely not an expert on auto-care.

Drivers often follow the general rule for changing tires: every 40,000 miles or every 6 years. In reality, drivers generally don’t change their tires until they begin causing issues or become obviously damaged (e.g. nails, flats, worn tread). Likewise, popped tires, damaged components, and worse are common occurrences when drivers follow this general rule without first considering their own driving patterns and personal needs.

Tire technicians will tell you that efficiency for tires is best between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. Tires outside of this range are not considered passable.

Even the most powerful vehicles must have a sturdy foundation. A supercar in sore need of an alignment and new tires may not out-perform an ordinary vehicle in perfect health in terms of longevity. In a race, the tires on the supercar may just pop!

However, there are a number of factors that affect your tire’s health. As a result of these factors, tire health may deteriorate faster than the normal rate. This poses a real danger to the average driver.

When drivers find it difficult to determine exactly when their tires need to be changed, consulting trained technicians is recommended. Highly trained tire experts at Ford service locations provide you with the best possible customer service and information, including which tire will best suit your vehicle and lifestyle.

Be sure to have a technician diagnose your tire’s health regularly!

Why Visit Ford Service Coupon?

Prices for a single, brand-new tire can be anywhere between $50 and $200, not including labor costs. The costs add up quickly when multiple wheels are affected.

As a result, drivers often try to “max out” their tires. Drivers may decide to continue driving on tires in obvious need of maintenance for a variety of reasons. This is never approved by tire technicians, as failure to replace damaged tires can lead to sudden and explosive damage while you’re driving.

Likewise, many regular drivers purchase tires based on convenience rather than efficiency. However, they often don’t take into account the personal habits which have a significant effect on a tire’s health.

A tire technician can diagnose your tire’s health while providing insight into which tires and parts best fit your lifestyle based on a few certain factors. Experts take into account your exact model, any post-factory customizations, overall tire and vehicle health, and your driving habits at any Ford service location to accurately choose the best fit for you.

That said, there are some key factors drivers can monitor themselves to determine whether or not they should see an expert immediately.

Critical Factors Affecting Tire Health

Lavalette WV Tire Deals

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Mileage – Personal “driving habits” include everything from where you drive most to how often you brake suddenly. Tires naturally degrade over time, but driving habits can cause your tires to degrade much more quickly.

Drivers may not realize that, by living in an area requiring frequent long-distance drives, they need to replace their tires only every 2 years instead of 6! Hard braking, fast turns, curb brushes, and uneven roads (speedbumps included) all rapidly decrease tire health.

Exposure – As mentioned above, where you live has a major effect on how often you’ll need to change tires. Heat, water, and air all naturally degrade tire material over time. However, prolonged exposure can cause severe damage. Thus, tire technicians advise drivers to change tires more frequently than the general rule if often left out in the sun or heavy rains.

Road texture – Road texture is a major factor affecting your tire’s health. Continuously driving on dirt or gravel roads will quickly damage even the best of tires. Smooth, concrete roads are always preferred when trying to preserve tire health.

Tire Pressure – Finally, tire pressure is the one major factor that drivers can actually control. Tire pressure is all about physics. The relationship says that tires should have a specific surface area in the contact with the road.

This area supports your vehicle’s weight while allowing it to move forward with ease. Tires with higher pressures may become mishappen as well as lose traction.

Additionally, tire pressure naturally increases while driving, so it is not recommended to pump tires to the max pressures. Tires with low pressure may have flattened bottoms, reducing speed, increasing wear on the tire, reducing gas mileage, and may cause shaking while driving that leads to additional issues.

How Tire Maintenance Affects Overall Health

Though some maintenance practices can help prolong the health of your tires, experts suggest that drivers change tires before reaching their limit. Additionally, tire rotations play a huge part in your tire’s overall health. Wheels or tires not aligned properly can cause your vehicle to scrape the tire.

At high speeds, this can essentially cut your tire open, causing sudden damage that can have dangerous consequences. Trained tire technicians recommended drivers have their tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Don’t Tread Lightly!

Drivers should regularly check the tread of their tires to make sure their vehicle stays on the road. Tire tread is the grip keeping your vehicle firmly on the road. The design allows for water and dirt to easily pass through, increasing traction and speed. However, the friction, dirt, and water will wear down the tire’s tread over time, just like using a No. 2 pencil.

The legal limit for tire tread is 2/32″, but tire technicians recommend changing tires when they reach 4/32″ tread.

Ripley WV quick lane tire

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