Myths About Vehicle Maintenance

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Tall Tales

Here a few of the many widespread myths on auto upkeep that you should not believe or practice:

“Engine Oil Should Be Changed Every 3,000 Miles”

This is a very common myth that you should definitely ignore. This is a trick for automotive companies to get you to come back more frequently than needed. If you are dealing with normal driving conditions, most vehicles will need an oil change after every 7,500 miles or even more depending on the vehicle. Changing oil more frequently will definitely not harm your car, but you could be spending a lot of unnecessary money. However, if you travel a lot, make a lot of stops, tow, or drive through rugged terrain or dusty areas, the 3,000-mile mark is suitable for your vehicle.

“Flush Coolant with Every Oil Change”

Many owner manuals may advise you to change the coolant every 60,000 miles. However, it is suggested that you check for a leak if the coolant reservoir is low instead of just constantly topping it off.

“Batteries Will Recharge after a Jump Start in Only a Few Minutes of Driving

This wise-guy logic is not even close to what happens with your battery recharging. It can take many hours of driving to give your battery the full charge it needs, especially in the winter months. Heated seats, music systems, and other accessories can drain a lot of power that the alternator has little left to recharge the battery. Therefore, you can check to see if the battery can still hold a charge by having a load test at your local gas station. If it is able to hold some type of charge, it can take several hours to the battery a full charge.