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Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works

There’s no reason finding an oil change should be challenging; go to Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works special for your oil change needs. 

Stop searching and come on down to Claypool Hill Ford dealerships today! 

Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works

There’s no reason why your oil change should be a heavy-weight on your shoulders to add to the stress in such an uncertain and chaotic time.

This is why Ford motors decided to curate a particular savings bundle for the customers of Pounding Mill. Their 2021 service coupons include a package intended for your oil change needs. 


Pounding Mill, VA, is a quiet little mountain town around the outskirts of Virginia. The Pounding Mill citizens are not as many as surrounding cities, but they still deserve a quality auto shop.

With only 4,036 individuals occupying Pounding Mill, there are undoubtedly many drivers that will require an oil change sooner or later for their vehicle. 

That’s where Ford dealerships come in. With Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works special, they ensure that all Pounding Mill citizens get quality auto oil changes at unbeatable prices. 

Why Ford? 

With so many different oil change options to go through in Pounding Mill, you may be asking yourself, “What’s so special about Ford?”

Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works

Stop in today to check out their 2021 service coupon savings.

Ford is the best decision for any oil change needs in Pounding Mill because of their variety bundle of deals with their oil change coupon special. 

History of Ford

Ford motors have over 100 years total in the automobile industry. They can confidently give the best-of-the-best auto services for your vehicle.

Trained technicians

Another excellent reason why Ford outshines the automobile competition? Their experienced technicians at your service. 

All technicians hired by Ford are factory-trained, and over 400,000 serve Ford dealerships all across America. Ford’s dealership offers many unbeatable deals that don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. 

Oil Change Importance

Many people are unaware of how crucial an oil change is to the overall health and longevity of their precious vehicle. 

There are many valid reasons why it’s essential to change your car, truck, or SUV’s oil.

According to the experts, these are just a couple of reasons: 

  • To maintain proper engine lubrication.
  • Keep the cooling engine components at work.
  • Removing engine-wear sludge and particles.
  • Gas mileage improvement.
  • The promotion of vehicle longevity. 

Each one of these is a crucial aspect of your car in its own particular way. Let’s look into it further. 

Maintaining proper engine lubrication

The first central importance of oil service to your vehicle is to maintain the lubrication within. Without this lubrication, the engine cannot properly function or do its job. 

Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works

Checking your engine’s oil is easy, but be careful!

If you imagine all the elements inside your vehicle, they move at quite a high velocity. Without oil, the friction causes heat, which can create these parts to grind together. 

The heat that occurs due to this grind can create the engine to wear down drastically if there’s no fresh oil to lubricate it. 

Cooling engine components

The next vital part is cooling engine components. Because of the high velocity at which these parts are moving, the engine is far more prone to overheating without fresh oil. No one wants this for their vehicle.

That’s why Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works is here, so you don’t have to pay more than you should. The price of a destroyed engine outweighs the cost of a mere oil change. 

Removing engine-wear particles and sludge

Nothing is more awful than an engine full of sludge and dirt particles. Over time, the corrosion of dirt will vastly decrease the lifespan of your car’s engine. When the oil breaks down, the most significant issue is that it turns into what’s referred to as “sludge.” 

This sludge is the worst enemy of your car, truck, or SUV. Once it has formed, there’s no getting it out.

Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works

There’s nothing worse than sludge in your engine. Get an oil checkup today from Ford dealerships.

The sludge is a mixture of contaminant and oxidation that buildup over time, slowing down and weakening the flow of oil to your car’s engine. 

This will cause oil starvation on many parts of your vehicle, such as the crankshafts, bearings, and camshafts. 

Without correct and frequent oil changes, the sludge will devour your engine until the price of fixing it is no longer in the double digits; but the triple. It could cost up to thousands of dollars to have your vehicle repaired, depending on how significant the sludge has become. 

Improving gas mileage

Getting oil changes as needed can improve your car’s mileage, which most people are unaware of. When your engine has low or dirty oil, this will ensure an increase in fuel consumption. 

You have to make certain that there’s enough clean oil circulating through your engine. The only way to do this is by looking into Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works for the optimal quality service at prices that cannot be found anywhere else in Pounding Mill. 

Promoting longevity in your vehicle

Lastly, another perk of making sure you have frequently changed out and clean oil adds lifespan to your vehicle. Regular oil/engine service checks are vital to the health and wellbeing of your car. 

Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works

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The buildup caused by oil creates a significant stress on the car to work harder to function correctly. This causes expensive engine damage. 

Studies have shown that 22% of all vehicles have dirty, low, or no oil in their engines. Not to mention the cost of a year’s worth of oil changes runs around $120, compared to the price of a new engine from damage being about $4,000 or more. 

The Works Coupon 

Ford is here to help! Their 2021 service coupon special created a specific coupon for oil changes called The Works coupon.

This coupon offers not only a premium synthetic blend oil change but also includes: 

  • Tire rotation
  • Brake inspection
  • Fluid top-off
  • Filter check
  • Pressure check
  • Vehicle checkup
  • Battery test
  • Belts and hoses check

The Works is the oil change special for you if you want all your needs met right in one place! 


With all kinds of auto shops to choose from, you can stop your hunt for the best oil change deals in Pounding Mill at Ford dealerships.

Stop into Ford today, or give them a call at (859)-341-6603 to learn more about these significant savings. Pounding Mill VA Ford The Works is the place for you to find the best quality at the best price!  

Fun Facts of Pounding Mill:

  • Home to the Appalachian origin of Virginia.
  • Known for its mountains and historical Native American value.
  • There are 4,036 citizens occupying since 2019, and on an upward rise.
  • Find out more through their website!