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Pounding Mill VA Tire Specials

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Do I Need to Replace My Tires?

Pounding Mill VA Tire Specials

Do I Need New Tires? Are My Tires Safe? When drivers aren’t sure about their tires, experts are ready to serve at the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Pounding Mill today!

Most drivers ask themselves this question at one point or another.

With over eighty billion passenger vehicles currently estimated globally, it’s no wonder that the average driver isn’t always sure when tires really need to be changed.

Technicians offer a general rule to help: Drivers should change tires every 6 years or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first. Still, drivers should consult an expert when they’re not sure if their tires are still safe.

In reality, drivers generally buy tires only when they absolutely must. For instance, many drivers realize they have “bad” tires after returning from a camping trip. When campers clean their muddy tires, they may notice severely worn tread.

Others may not question their tires’ health until they experience a flat or blowout. Not to mention, some drivers may need to change tires more often than others due to personal driving habits.

So, how do you know when your tires are done for good?

The experts say that tire efficiency and safety are only guaranteed between 20,000 and 50,000 miles.

Tires exceeding this range experience more frequent flats and damaged components. Additionally, they are at increased risk of sudden and explosive damage on the road as well as the severely worn tread overall. However, this range doesn’t account for the many factors which often result in drivers needing to replace tires sooner.

“Bad” tires can be easily avoided when drivers monitor the key factors of tire health. Along with regularly cleaning tires and getting maintenance services such as tire rotations, keeping these factors in check can greatly improve tire health.

Key Factors of Tire Health

  • Driving Habits – Hard braking, speeding, hitting curbs, and turning too fast all rapidly wear down tire material. Drivers experiencing these often should check on their tires more often. They may need to change their tires sooner than the general recommendation.
  • Road Texture – Driving on uneven roads severely wears on tire material and the overall wheel system. Uneven roads include roads made up of gravel or dirt, roads with many potholes and speedbumps, or unlevel roads. Additionally, drivers should consider which tire technology best suits them, especially if they drive on uneven roads often.
  • Exposure – Weather has a major effect on overall vehicle health, and that includes your tires. Generally speaking, all materials degrade with natural exposure to air, water, heat, or cold. Prolonged exposure dramatically increases tire degradation. Manufacturers use a combination of synthetic, organic, and metal materials to make their tires. These components may rust, break, weaken, or warp. Consequently, drivers in hot and humid coastal cities, or in cold and rainy cities, should change tires more often than the general rule. Tire technology should be considered here.
  • Pressure – Tires must support your vehicle’s weight distribution while allowing easy forward movement. To this end, a very specific surface area of your tire must be in contact with the road. Overly-pressurized tires lose surface area and may warp, dangerously reducing traction and damaging the wheel system. Under-pressurized tires gain surface area and become flattened, dragging your car down. This causes reduced mileage and speed, vehicle shaking, and damaged components. Drivers can monitor these factors themselves but should consult a trained tire technician if they feel their tires are unsafe.

How Routine Maintenance Can Save Your Tires

Routine maintenance services can prolong tire life span as well as your overall wheel system.

More specifically, routine tire rotations, wheel alignments, and car and tire washes maintain tire health for longer.

Tire technicians recommend having tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Alignments should be done every 2-3 years or sooner depending on the driver’s lifestyle.

Finally, drivers should be sure to regularly check the state of their tires’ tread. Tire tread is the grip on that outside wall of your tire. It grips the road beneath you while allowing water and road debris to pass through the spaces.

This increases traction and speed, but the tire tread takes the brunt of the damage. It becomes naturally worn down in the same way as when writing with a pencil.

The legal limit for tread depth is 2/32″, but experts don’t recommend waiting until tires are no longer safe. Instead, it is preferred to change tires when the tread depth is at 4/32″.

Overall, drivers should note that old tires can pose a serious safety hazard to themselves and passengers!

Waiting until the last second can increase the risk of dangerous and sudden tire damage.

Trained experts are available today at your local Ford tire shop. Let the experts check the status of your tires as well as recommend the best tire technology for your needs.

Stop by the Pounding Mill VA Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center or another local Ford service center for new tires and enjoy a complimentary brake inspection!

Ripley WV quick lane tire

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  • $20 Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades.

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Pounding Mill VA Fun Facts! 

  • Cuz’s Barbecue is the town’s most popular restaurant; it’s located inside of an old dairy barn
  • Home to a historic farm complex, the Maiden Spring
  • Pounding Mill is technically not a city but an unincorporated community in Tazewell County

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