Replacing Your Tires

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The condition of your tires is something a lot of us forget about until it starts to affect our driving. However, you should never wait this long before looking into a tire replacement. There are many reasons for replacing your tires, and you should never ignore them.

If you’ve recently bought a second-hand car, chances are the tires aren’t in great condition. Although you may not need to replace them, you should definitely get them checked by a professional. Ford can help you with this. Get in touch with Ford Service Coupon, and we can help you locate your local ford dealership to inspect the state of your tires.

Replacing Your Tires

Make sure you visit your nearest Ford dealership to ensure your tires are safe for the road.

Signs To Replace Your Tires

Other signs to replace your tires are as follows:

  • Weathering
  • Bulging
  • Vibration
  • Tread Depth
  • Age

The age of your tires can tell you a lot about their performance and condition. If you’re unsure how old your tires are, it’s easy to find out. You’ll find a date of manufacturing printed on the side of your tire. If this date goes back rather than 5 years, your tires are definitely due an inspection, if much older than that. Chances are your tires aren’t safe for the road and need to be replaced immediately.

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Tread depth is another indicator of when your tires need to be replaced. If you don’t have a tread depth gauge, you can always reach out to ford to check this for you. Driving on over-worn tires is never safe, especially in extreme weather conditions. If you’ve noticed your tires are looking a bit worn, schedule an appointment with your local ford garage today.

Vibrations while driving is an indicator that the belts of your tires have shifted. This is something you can’t learn from simply looking at your tires as the belts are inside. However, your local Ford garage will be able to determine this for you and suggest the best next step.

Tire replacement services and coupons

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Replacing Your Tires With Ford

Constantly driving over potholes, curbs, or other road conditions can take a serious toll on your tires. It can also cause bulging to occur. Bulging happens due to trapped air finding its way inside the lining of the tire.

If any of your tires are experience bulging, you shouldn’t wait to get them inspected and/or replaced. This trapped air could cause the tire to rupture, which could end up causing serious damages or a motor accident.

Unfortunately, over time, weathering is bound to take its toll on all four tires. To know when it’s time for a replacement, there are a few weathering signs you can keep an eye out for. These include cracks in the sidewall and cracks in between the tread blocks.

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