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Why Tire Maintenance is Essential

To ensure the best level of safety on the road, your vehicle needs to rest on tires that are in the best condition. Each day there is a lot of pressure placed on them. Generally, most people think that they can replace their tires based on rough estimates like waiting until the six-year mark or 40,000 miles. However, this is an extremely rough estimation. Typically, most tires have an average lifespan between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. That means you don’t want to depend on a guesstimation for when you maintain or replace your tires.

Keeping your tires in good shape is essential for you and every driver on the road’s safety. You have the weight of your vehicle, you, passengers, and any cargo riding at highway speeds on them. Only four palm-sized swaths of tire rubber use their traction to make friction and hug the road.

Even though we have been given the metric of six years or 40,000 miles, it is better to play it safe instead of sorry. What we mean is the actual rule is to maintain your Ford tires and all other parts of your car carefully. Look for warning signs before anything goes wrong. Keep an eye on any nails or debris lodged in the rubber and your tires’ tread depth.

Why Driving Burns Rubber

Ironically, one of the major factors in tire erosion is in our control: our driving habits. By driving conservatively and safer, we can conserve and extend the life of our tires, saving ourselves money. The most prominent examples are hard cornering and fast stopping. These practices burn more rubber than is necessary. By slowing down when coming to a stop and taking wider turns, you can reduce the friction you create between your tires and the road.

Now, debris in the road, especially glass and nails, can create an outright blowout or a slow but steady leak. There is less thought of ones too, like running over, against, or into a curb. This creates internal damage to your tire, and you will likely see a blister or bubble form on the rim.

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Another thing to be on the lookout for after such an event is having to offset your wheel alignment. By driving on misaligned wheels, you can gradually damage your wheels, tires, suspension, steering, and your alignment further. After a while, you will know your alignment is messed up when your steering column starts shaking when driving at high speeds. But do not let it get this bad.

Tire Aging

Do not forget that time alone can age a tire enough to need a replacement tire. Even if you have been able to avoid damage that occurs from driving on rough roads, nature itself can take its toll. While we know not to drive on a tire for longer than six years, a tire ten years old is expired on or off a car.

While you can avoid hazards on rough rides by living in the city and driving on paved roads, studies still show tire rubber deteriorates faster in larger cities. Cities have a thicker “tropospheric” ozone in their atmosphere. This ozone reacts faster to erode tire rubber.

To find the age of your tire, locate the Department of Transportation (DOT) code. This is the inner ring of numbers on the sidewall of your tire. The last four digits of this code represent the week and year your tire was manufactured. For example, a code of 2420 was made in the 24th week of 2020.

Tire Rotation

One of the most important steps to keeping your tires together longer is regular tire rotations. The wear on tires is different on the front and back because of where the car brakes and steers. Rotating your tires makes the wear even and uniform, so you can get more out of each one. It is recommended to get it done each 6,000 to 8,000 miles of driving on them.

Always have your tire rotation done by professionals at a service station like ours. Here, we use pneumatic tools that bolt your wheels in at exact square angles and the precise right tightness. Driving on crooked or misaligned wheels will only mean more uneven wear and extra stress on your suspension.

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Now, with a full-sized spare tire, we include it in the rotation. By rotating five Ford tires, you extend each one further. On the other hand, most cars do not have this option. Most use a more compact spare, so it is lighter while it spends time in your trunk. These spares should not be driven on for long. If you have to switch over to one, make sure to replace it ASAP.

Are You Searching for Saint Paul VA Ford Tire Deals?

As you know, there is a lot that goes into keeping your car in tip-top shape. And it is necessary. It keeps you and others safe on the road and your vehicle running smoothly. Plus, maintain your vehicle and tires as you will make them last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Your Ford service station does a lot with regard to vehicle maintenance. And we have a Ford Service Coupon for all of it, from oil changes to brake checks, battery replacements, and tire rotations. Putting a new set of tires on your wheels at an affordable price is the least we do.

If you see how your Ford dealership’s technicians can help with the maintenance of your car and tires, then contact us today. Call us at (859) 341-6603 or email us through info@fordservicecoupon.com for your Saint Paul VA Best Tire Deals.


Saint Paul, VA Fun Facts

  1. The 2010 Census reported a population of 970 people.
  2. Saint Paul has two locations on the National Register of Historic Places: St. Paul Historic District and Virginia City Church.
  3. The town’s elementary school features a unique program known as the Wetlands Estonoa Project.
  4. For more information, search Saint Paul, VA.