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South Point OH Oil Change Coupons near me

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The Significance of Routine Oil Changes

There are many moving components associated with your engine. Each part has a small space where the oil flows to keep the parts from rubbing against each other. To keep these parts from grinding, they require clean thick oil that will prevent them from grinding against each other. It is never suggested that you allow the oil to get too thin or turn to sludge. When the parts are rubbing against each other the shaved parts will end up in the engine.

Over time this can lead to severe damage to your engine. By keeping fresh clean thick oil in your vehicle, you can prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Oil also does more than just lubricates moving parts. Read further to learn the benefits of keeping your oil changed versus risk if you don’t.

Sludge and Oxidation

If oil is left in your engine for too long, it can start to become a solid form. This can end up clogging some of the passageways and makes it difficult for the moving parts to function properly. Therefore, this substance is known as sludge which is a mix of contaminants and oxidation. Just like metal will oxidate and form rust, oil can also begin to break down when it meets oxygen. The oxidation process will also speed up when it is combined with water and high temperatures.

These three factors cause your oil to break down and become thin or turn into sludge. This will make your oil and oil additives less effective at protecting your engine from corrosion and premature damage. By consistently changing your oil and replacing your oil filter on time, you will avoid having sludge or other build-ups in your engine.

The Ideal Role of Oil

Without oil, your car would not get very far. However, if you keep it up to date and full of clean oil, then it will last for a long time. The oil in your vehicle has three main jobs and that is to lubricate, clean, and cool the engines. Aside from keeping your engine parts from grinding against each other, it will also keep your engine clean. When you drive daily, it is easy for your vehicle to pick up dirt and grime. These particles can find their way into the engine and cause major issues if it becomes too dirty.

Oil is meant to flow through the engine and collect the dirt then bring it to the filter. As it brings it to the filter, the filter can collect dirt, but it can only take so much. As time goes on, your filter will become full and that will cause a bypass valve to most likely open. When that opens, your oil will pick up dirt but it will not be filtered. Therefore, it will hang on to that dirt and carry it through the rest of the engine. That is why it is crucial to get your oil filter changed consistently to avoid this from happening. Cooling your engine is another significant function of oil. Your engine can get as hot as 220°F which is why it has a cooling system.

Oil assists with this process as well by absorbing and removing heat from engine parts. With so many important jobs, it is clear why having consistent oil changes can benefit your vehicle. Going too long can easily lead to a disaster.

What are Oil Additives?

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Motor oil more than just oil. Most grades of oil, especially full-synthetic and blends have been carefully chosen by engineers to assist with increasing the performance of your vehicle. Almost about 20% of each quart of oil purchased is additives. The formulas of these motor oils are highly confidential. However, below you will find a list of additives to expect in motor oil.

  • Viscosity modifiers assist in keeping the oil at the proper thickness at high temperatures
  • Seal swell helps lessen the chance of oil leaks for higher-mileage vehicles
  • Dispersant help prevent the chances of sludge occurring
  • Corrosion inhibitors help protect your parts from rusting
  • Detergents help keep the engine clean
  • Anti-foam agents keep oil lubricating and prevent oil from foaming
  • Antioxidants help to alleviate corrosion
  • Anti-wear agents keep the moving parts from wearing out

Grades of Motor Oil

There are 3 categories of motor oil aside from standard oil and they consist of the following:

  • Synthetic Oil: this is a lab-generated oil made by engineers, scientists, and chemists. Experts combine additive packages with oil so that vehicles receive the best level of lubrication, engine protection, better start-up, better cleansing qualities, enhanced durability and so much more.
  • Synthetic Blends: This is a mixture of synthetic and standard motor oil. It provides exemplary low-temperature properties and is great for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs that frequently carry heavy loads or operate frequently at high RPMs.
  • High-mileage Motor Oil: This oil is specifically blended with vehicles with 75,000 miles and more. This type of oil helps reduce oil burn-off, helps in sealing oil leaks while improving combustion chamber sealing that helps restore engine compression.

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South Point, OH Fun Facts

  1. South Point, Ohio sits on the Ohio River.
  2. The post office in South Point has operated since 1855.
  3. The 2010 Census reported South Point had a population of 3,985.
  4. For more information, search South Point, OH.