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Spencer WV Quick Lane Tire and Auto

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The Ford Brand

Spencer WV Quick Lane Tire and Auto

Trust that the Ford Motor Company wants the best for its customers.

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. The major contribution Ford had for automobile manufacturing is well-known–the assembly line. This innovation greatly increased efficiency. Cars that once took over twelve hours to produce now took less than three

Since that time, Ford has led the automotive industry. With quality designs and excellent safety features, we establish the benchmark for our competition. So if you need American muscle like the classic Mustang or a luxurious Lincoln, you need to drive a Ford.


Cars have been the focus of Ford since the beginning of the company. Ford’s innovation revolutionized how automobiles were made. Since then, we have strived to stay ahead of other manufacturers.

One of the ways that we lead the industry is through our safety features. When you drive a Ford, you are driving the safest cars we can make. We use premium materials like superconductive alloys and high gauge wiring to lessen the risk of sparking in the vehicle.

We also implement cutting-edge technology to ensure that you are getting where you are going. Our blind spot detection and automatic braking keep you going safely.


Cars are certainly a focal point for Ford, but arguably, we are better known for our trucks in recent years. While cars were immediately coming off of the production line, it took more than a decade for the first modern truck with rear storage space to be introduced. However, since then our trucks have been the benchmark for all other trucks. The F-Series trucks are the best-selling vehicles on the planet and have been for more than thirty years.

One thing that separates a Ford from other vehicle manufacturers is its versatility. A Ford can be a heavy-duty workhorse in the morning and an economic family vehicle in the afternoon. That versatility comes from our listening to our owners and implementing their suggestions into our designs to get the job done right.

All of our vehicles are Built Ford Tough for a reason. Durability is an important feature of any vehicle. You depend on your car or truck to get you where you are going. If you want a vehicle that you can rely on to get you to your destination in one piece, then you need a Ford.

Spencer WV Quick Lane Tire and Auto

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Maintaining your vehicle is just a part of your life as a vehicle owner. You want your vehicle to run smoothly and do its job correctly. To get that result then you need to do the work necessary to keep your vehicle in optimal shape. The better care you take of your vehicle, the longer it will last you.

Oil Changes

Oil makes sure that your car’s engine is in peak shape. It lubricates the pistons and cylinders to keep the engine running smoothly and coolly. Without fresh oil, your engine will grind and rust.

However, it is easy to forget to regularly change your oil. If your car is running properly, then you do not worry much about how everything is doing. But as your car is running, your oil is working hard.

Eventually, that oil can solidify into sludge and cause significant problems. It can even cause your engine to completely freeze. It is therefore important to regularly change your oil, even though it is so easy to forget.


Tires play an essential role in your vehicle’s longevity. Properly caring for your tires helps your engine work less hard to do the same amount of work. This ensures that your engine can keep working longer.

However, like oil, tires are easy to lose track of. You are supposed to rotate your tires every six to eight thousand miles. You are also supposed to completely replace your tires every 25 to 50,000 miles. With the length of time that happens between the replacements, it is easy to understand how tires can get old and blow out.

The Works

The Works is a premium maintenance package that Ford-authorized mechanics offer. It is an all-inclusive service. With the Works, you get an oil change on top of a fluid top-off, inspections, tests, and other services.

The Works is an essential way to increase your vehicle’s heal without having to check every maintenance box yourself.

While it is important to maintain a vehicle properly, it is also important to work with people you know you can trust. With Ford, we have two main options for you to have professionals we trust take care of your car.


Vehicles require proper maintenance to run as efficiently as possible. Dealerships are undeniably the preferred way to keep your vehicle running longer.

Dealers have factory-trained technicians working on your car, meaning they know exactly the best way to address your issues. They also have access to the original equipment manufacturer parts that you need. These parts were designed by the same people who made the vehicle, meaning they definitely will fit your engine.

For the best service available, you can do no better than a Ford dealership. We will get you back on the road with no hassle.

Spencer WV Quick Lane Tire and Auto

Spencer WV Quick Lane Tire and Auto

Quick Lane is here for all of your vehicle needs.

If you do not believe that your issues warrant a trip to the dealership, then you need to visit a Quick Lane Tire and Auto Service.

Quick Lane is a part of the Ford family. Just like the dealership’s technicians are factory-trained, so, too, are Quick Lanes’. One thing that differentiates Quick Lane from a dealership is that Quick Lanes service any kind of vehicle, regardless of its make or model.

If you want your vehicle to experience the quality of a Spencer WV Quick Lane Tire and Auto, Ford-quality service, then you need Ford Service Coupon, too. We offer great discounts on Ford services and parts. Contact your local dealership today for more information.

Spencer WV Fun Facts

  • Spencer Roane, a Virginia jurist, is the town’s namesake.
  • The 2010 census claims that there are only 2,322 people in Spencer.
  • Spencer is a nice town with typically mild winters and hot summers.
  • For more information, visit the town’s website!