The best vehicles for construction jobs/workers

At Cincinnati Ford, we have a wide selection of vehicles made to fit any job and any lifestyle. Our lot is packed fresh daily with a beautiful car, truck, and SUV selections. When your car becomes an item you use for work, choosing the right vehicle is a more difficult decision than choosing a vehicle simply because it looks nice. Overall, when choosing a work vehicle, specifically for construction, you should look for a vehicle with certain factors.

In most construction jobs, you are hauling heavy metal pieces, brick, wood, and other materials across cities and hard terrains. Therefore, you should choose a vehicle that can handle the wear and tear that comes with it. With our wide selection of vehicles, there’s no reason you should leave our facility empty-handed. So, if you want to know some of the best vehicles for construction workers, then keep on reading!

The Standard Pick-Up

Pick Up trucks

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The pickup truck has increased in popularity over the years with good reason. There are many options available to choose from, so, understandably, it can be hard to choose just the right one for you. First and foremost, pickup trucks are safety first vehicles due to their hard exterior that works hard to prevent serious injuries in an accident. Moreover, these trucks have smart breaking capabilities and stability control systems that are made to keep you safe.

Next, pick-ups are spacious vehicles that can fit you and your entire crew with more than enough leg and movement room. With their extended cab capabilities, we make it easy to tow boats, mobile homes, and homes.

Also, pick up trucks offer other benefits like versatility, affordability, and powerful engines. All of the features combined provide for a smooth ride and high efficiency. Overall, for a heavy-duty job such as construction, the best vehicle to get is a pick-up truck. At Ford, we offer a wide variety of pickup options you’ll love.

2 Wonderful Pick-Up Models

  1. Classic F-150: This Ford truck is the most popular option and is picked quite often from our lot. The F-150 is a staple and provides numerous amenities to everyone who purchases. There are many different engine options to choose from with the F150, so it meets them no matter your needs. Additionally, the bed size is spacious with up to 8 feet of room. Moreover, the cabin is spacious for bringing along your work companions. Finally, this truck is one of our safest models to drive in due to its internal amenities made for safety.
  2. Ford Ranger: Compared to the F150, the Ford Ranger is much larger and more advanced than its counterpart. Overall, the Ranger is such a large vehicle making it ideal for those with heavy-duty jobs like your own. Also, the engine produces a surmounting 300 horsepower allowing you to move quickly from site to site. Moreover, the fuel savings and economy are the best with this truck. Offering numerous towing and hauling capabilities and a 4WD system, the Ranger would be an excellent option as well.

So, as you can see, at Ford, we provide our customers with the absolute best and widest selection of Pick up vehicles in the U.S. Don’t wait any longer to visit us in-store or call us at 859-341-6603. We can’t wait to see you drive away with a beautiful F150 or F450 today!