The Significance of OEM Parts

Ford Motor Company strives to provide the best parts you can find in the industry. If you have a Ford vehicle, then you can expect access to premium Ford replacement parts and accessories. Furthermore, if you are a

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mechanic or DIYer, and are purchasing parts separately, we guarantee high-quality parts. You have several options when it comes to purchasing a replacement part for your vehicle. One way to locate a replacement is to purchase parts from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at a Ford dealership. Furthermore, you also obtain equipment and parts through Motorcraft®, which is our American auto parts brand.

The Benefits of OEM Parts

Upon replacing a part on your vehicle, you can either take it to a mechanic who will not only have to order the parts but will most likely use aftermarket parts. OEM parts come directly from Ford’s official manufacturers rather than a third party vendor. Our manufacturers craft these parts to fit the exact characteristics of the original part of your vehicle. Purchasing aftermarket parts are not harmful but are not the quality you may be looking for. Most people want to purchase these parts because they are typically cheaper. However, we all know that just because it cost less doesn’t mean it holds any value.

Most people think that that aftermarket parts will work just as well as original parts but this not always the case. OEM parts offer a few more benefits than what an aftermarket part would. These benefits include being the perfect fit, preserving the originality of your car, and so much more.

The Perfect Fit

Because OEM parts are crafted by original manufacturers, they are tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly. When purchasing a part crafted by a third-party vendor, the equipment may be a few measurements off. As a result, this can really end up affecting the quality of the product.

Most Likely There’s No Wait

When choosing the OEM, there will typically be no wait because your local Ford dealership is stocked with a myriad of parts. If you were to visit a different automotive mechanic, as stated before, will most likely have to order the part.


Additionally, Ford also offers much better warranties than an aftermarket manufacturer. In reality, most aftermarket parts are not even protected by a warranty. Once your vehicle is repaired, you want to know what it is going to last. Our warranties guarantee the ultimate protection on any OEM parts that your purchase.

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