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West Liberty KY Ford Repair

West Liberty KY Ford Repair

West Liberty KY Ford Repair

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Who better to trust with the repair and maintenance of your vehicle than the people who built it? Our factory-trained Ford technician knows your car, truck, or SUV inside and out. You can trust your local Ford dealership service center for fast, reliable, and affordable service.

When something in your vehicle breaks, it pays to fix it as fast as possible. Don’t let problems snowball. Don’t jeopardize your own safety or the safety of other drivers. Bring your vehicle to your local Ford Service Center as soon as possible for inspection and repair.

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West Liberty KY Repair Services

Your car is full of delicate systems and machinery. Many issues can arise. However, our Ford mechanics can identify and fix any problem with your vehicle. Below are just a few of the auto repairs we handle most often.

Air Conditioning System

When your air conditioning system breaks, we can help. We’re equipped to handle any AC issues, from freon replacements to issues with your compressor or temperature sensors.

Alternators And Electrical Systems

Your alternator stores the excess electrical potential generated by your battery when you start your car. Then, it provides power to your car’s electrical systems as you drive.

Many things can cause problems with a car’s electrical system. Your car might suffer from something as small as a blown a fuse to serious issues with the alternator. Typically, a problem with your alternator will require professional attention.

West Liberty KY Ford Repair

West Liberty KY Ford Repair Shop

Belts And Hoses

Hoses connect vehicle systems that rely on fluids to function. That includes your radiator, heater, fuel lines, vacuum lines, air conditioning, power steering, and brake cylinders.

Most hoses wear from the inside out. Consequently, they’ll appear stable from the outside while carrying critical cracks, breaks, and dryness within. Your Ford maintenance technician is fully equipped to check, repair, and replace any of your car’s hoses.

The timing belt and serpentine belts in your car primarily transfer mechanical energy to crucial systems. The timing belt connects the crankshaft and the camshaft in your engine. The camshaft opens and closes valves in time with the pistons. Some vehicles use timing chains instead of timing belts.

Serpentine belts send mechanical power to the AC compressor, power steering pump, cooling fan, and other crucial systems. Your Ford service technician can both inspect and repair your vehicle’s timing belt and serpentine belts.


Your brakes rely on hydraulic power and friction to function. When you depress your brake pedal, you displace brake fluid in the master brake cylinder. The fluid flows through brake lines to the brake cylinders on your wheels. Then, the displaced fluid activates your brake pads and brake mechanism, which uses friction to stop your wheels.

In drum brakes, the brake pad presses against a drum, which stops the wheel. Disk breaks have brake pads on a pair of calipers that press outwards against a rotor inside of the wheel. The friction between the brake pads and the rotor converts the wheel’s kinetic energy to heat, stopping the car.

Any part of your brake system can run into serious issues. Problems with your brake mechanism, brake lines, and brake cylinders can all compromise the safety of your vehicle. If you notice any noise from your brakes or changes in brake pedal sensitivity, you need a brake check. Bring your car to your local Ford dealership service center immediately.

West Liberty KY Ford Repair

Trust Ford for your auto repair!

Cooling System

Most cars have liquid cooling systems for their engines. Typically, the cooling system uses a pump and channels. These circulate a coolant and carry excess heat from the engine block and cylinder head. Additionally, most cars have a radiator that receives and cools hot liquid from the engine.

Engines also have a fan to circulate fresh air through the radiator and a thermostat to control the coolant flow. A problem with any of these can cause your engine to overheat, which is extremely dangerous. If you notice excess heat from your engine, bring your car to a Ford mechanic.

Suspension And Steering

Your suspension smooths out your ride and keeps your wheels on the ground. It uses springs and shock absorbers to absorb the vertical motion caused by bumps in the road.

Your steering wheel connects to the suspension system through a steering column and pivoted joints, allowing you to street your vehicle. Both require precise adjustment to function safely.

A bumpy ride or low corner might signal a problem with your suspension. Additionally, hard, loose, or jerking steering could indicate a problem with your steering system. See a Ford dealership mechanic for all of these issues.

Wheel Alignment

Your wheels need to be in alignment to function properly. Your local Ford dealership service center can align your wheels and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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West Liberty KY Fun Facts

  • West Liberty is the county seat of Morgan County, KY.
  • 3,388 people live in West Liberty.
  • Mark Walter is the current mayor of West Liberty.
  • West Liberty hosts an annual bluegrass festival.
  • To learn more, visit West Liberty’s website.