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West Liberty KY Oil Change Coupons

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Are you searching for West Liberty KY Oil Change Coupons? If so you are in the right place! Ford Service Coupons are here to help you save on major vehicle maintenance. Long gone are the days where vehicle service at a dealership is too costly. At Ford, we believe that all of our drivers should have the opportunity to take advantage of great deals on maintenance for their vehicle. Give us a call today to learn more about our Ford Service Coupon promotion.

The Significance of Motor Oil

It is never a good idea to skip a scheduled oil change. This causes a lot of internal damage to your vehicle. Your engine needs oil to run through it in order to keep things running effectively. Therefore, keep your engine healthy, stay consistent with your oil changes, and be sure to consult with your dealership about the grade of oil that is best for your car discussing any issues or concerns you may have.

How does Motor Oil Work?

When you change your oil and oil filter consistently, this will keep your engine running smoothly for much longer. Within your engine, there are moving parts. Therefore, having clean oil flow through it will keep it running efficiently. Motor oil is crucial for the functionality of your vehicle.

The role of your oil is to ensure that it cleans, cools, and lubricates your engine. Each moving component is complex and highly intolerant to error. Therefore, having the right amount of clean fresh oil is very important.

Oil as a Lubricant

The spaces between the cylinder wall and the pistons are extremely small. Therefore, there is not a lot of room for error. The oil in your engine keeps these parts from rubbing against one another. The only way that the parts can glide against one another is when the right amount of oil is in your vehicle. However, if you go consistently skip scheduled oil changes, you run the risk of metal shavings ending up in your engine.

Once this occurs, it will deteriorate at the other moving parts until your vehicle becomes unrepairable. Therefore, regular oil and oil filter changes will increase the longevity of your vehicle. This guarantees you are getting the best out of your vehicle when it comes to functionality and safe travels.

Oil as a Coolant

Anytime you feel the hood of your vehicle after driving it, it will most likely be very warm and in other cases extremely hot. Not only does oil do a great job of lubricating but it also keeps your engine cool. After your car has been running for a long time, the engine block can get up to a whopping  220 °F, cookies anyone?

Additionally, the oil works with the cooling system by absorbing and removing heat from the engine’s parts. (The cooling system consists of the radiator, thermostat, hoses, and coolant.) This prevents your engine from overheating which can cause a lot of damage and premature wear on your car.

However, even the normal temperatures of a vehicle can wear down the oil and additives. As time progresses, oil begins to lose its effectiveness, and the oil will end up thinning out between the metal parts. With a proper oil change, it can keep the oil from getting too thin and negatively affecting your vehicle.

Oil as a Cleanser

As we travel down that old dusty trail, our engine can pick up excess dirt and grim, which then the oil will carry to the oil filter. Once your oil filter is replaced, with fresh oil, then all the dirt from your engine is removed. However, remember that your oil filter can only hold so much. Therefore, waiting too long to change your oil filter can open the bypass valve.

This occurs when the oil filter is too full. Therefore, when the bypass valve opens, it means that the oil will continue to flow through the engine without going through the oil filter. By ensuring that your oil is fresh, you can prevent mishaps like these from happening.

What is Sludge?

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Sludge is a substance that forms when oil becomes old and begins to solidify. It is a mixture of contaminants and oxidation. If car oil is not changed consistently, then this thick substance will slow down the functions of the oil throughout the entire engine. This is a consequence of the sludge clogging some of the narrow oil passageways.

Therefore making it difficult for the oil to flow through the engine. As sludge continues to cut off the oil flow to parts of your engine, it will then lead to your engine to concur a lot of damage. Bring your vehicle to your local Ford dealer to make sure you receive the best motor oil maintenance at a discounted price to prevent sludge from forming in your engine.

Negative Effects of Oxidation

Not only does oxidation transpire in metal, however, it also happens in vehicle oil as well. When oil comes in meets oxygen, the oil when then begins to break down. Oxidation happens much faster when the oil is exposed to extreme temperatures or water. In areas where temperatures are low, the oil can end up being diluted with water, which results in the oil not flowing properly. With that said, oxidation can break down your oil much faster is just as bad as sludge if not worst. Therefore, if the oxidation continues, it will become thick and produce sludge. When the oxidation kicks in, our oil will become less functional.

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West Liberty, KY Fun Facts

  • West Liberty saw three Civil War skirmishes.
  • Most of the town was burned down during the Civil War
  • The earliest settlement of West Liberty was named Wells Mills.
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