Why driving on worn out or balding tires is dangerous

You drive thousands of miles in your car, so it is no surprise that your tires begin to wear out and bald over time. Driving on bald tires is extremely dangerous. Over 26% of accidents occur on the road solely as a result of bald tires. Continuing to drive in unsafe conditions is you asking for an accident that is sure to happen. Protecting yourself includes making sure the vehicle you use every day is safe. Not just for you but for everyone you bring inside with you as well.

Each tire has a mechanism called treads, which are grooves on the surface of your tire. These grooves provide your car with an adequate grip on the road, so you’re able to drive safe and sound. When the grips on your vehicle fade, it can become impossible to control your car in even the most simple conditions. It becomes more dangerous when you drive in rain or snow. So, as you can see, driving on bald tires is extremely dangerous and should be taken seriously.

3 risks you take while driving with bald tires

Balding Tires

Bald tires are unsafe to drive with. Get in touch with us today to get some new tires installed!

  1. Hydroplaning: Hydroplaning can be a scary event. It happens when a layer of water wedges its way in between the tire and the surface of the road. The grooves on your tires we spoke about before help prevent this more easily. But as the grooves wear out, hydroplaning becomes much more common. Hydroplaning can cause serious, sometimes fatal, accidents.
  2. Heat Buildup: When you drive, you create friction between your car and the road. Friction creates heat, and too much heat from the road causes a blowout. Most often, tires are protected from high heat, but sometimes the temp gets too high, and the tire cannot handle it if it’s bald—moreover, the grooves on a proper tire help withstand high heat by cooling the tire. So, understandably, bald tires do the exact opposite for you.
  3. Blowouts: As previously mentioned, bald tires often result in a blowout. Blowouts, at any speed, are extremely dangerous. At even higher speeds, they are fatal. Cars have been known to launch over barriers, collide with other cars, and end up in other lanes due to a blowout. Tires with proper treads arent 110% protected from a blowout, but they are much safer to drive on than a bald tire.

Overall, you can see why it is important to keep up with proper tire maintenance. Bald tires threaten your life and the life of passengers riding with you. As a result, if you have bald tires your best bet is to visit one of our service stations in your location. Or, give us a call at 859-341-6603 to ask about setting up an appointment. We don’t want you driving on the road unsafely. Reach out today!