3 Signs that its time for a wheel alignment

Here at Cincinnati Ford, we pride ourselves on making sure your vehicle is always working efficiently. Neglecting service when your car needs it most is detrimental to its overall health. For instance, wheel alignment is an important upkeep strategy that preserves your wheels’ wear and tear overall. There are some surefire signs that it is time for a wheel alignment for your car or truck. Overall, aligning your car’s wheels keeps you safe on the road and prevents future accidents. Moreover, it allows for a much smoother ride on the road.

Signs your car is out of alignment.

1.) Uneven wear of your tires: if you notice that your front two tires are wearing unevenly, this is a surefire sign that you need an alignment. This is the same for the back tires. Your front and back tires perform different but specific jobs on the road. It is common that they will treat and wear differently. But this is why alignment is important. When your tires wear unevenly is a sure-fire way to burn them out, resulting in a flat tire or a popping tire, which is dangerous while driving.

2.) Pulling of your vehicle: There could be many causes for your tires pulling around while on the road. But the most often cause is misalignment. You may also need to check your tire pressure as low tire air can do this as well. Check your tire pressure first, and if it is okay, then this is a sign that you need to have your tires re-aligned.

3.) Vibrating steering wheel: Similar to pulling of your vehicle, if your wheel is vibrating, this could be a sign you need a re-alignment. The vibration is a result of your tires pulling in different directions and bouncing off each other. As a result, your steering wheel begins to vibrate from the friction of your tire.

4.) A crooked steering wheel: Finally, the last sign you may need a tire alignment is if your steering wheel is crooked when no forces are applied. When your tires are misaligned, they begin to pull either left or right. Because your steering wheel controls your tire’s direction, it pulls with the wheels as well. This can prove to be very dangerous for driving. If you notice your wheel pulling either right or left, please visit your local Ford dealership to immediately align your tires.

Your local Ford dealership

As we’ve stated before, your safety as a driver is important to us. You should always perform monthly check-ups on your vehicle and bring in into your nearest service station when you notice an issue. Driving safe doesn’t just end with your seatbelt. So, make sure you pay attention to your vehicle and address any problems immediately.

As always, if you have questions, please call us today at 859-341-6603!