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The 21st century is full of technological wonders. Cell phones, computers, and transportation have come a long way since they were first introduced to the world. More specifically, transportation has taken big leaps forward as complex machines with a variety of moving parts. Unfortunately, with so many parts, you may not know what the issue is if a problem arises.

Potential Reasons Your Vehicle is Not Starting

So, if your vehicle is not starting, then the cause could be a variety of different issues. From your battery being dead to the fuel filter being clogged, the list of why your car is not starting is extensive. Many people often jump to their battery being the issue, but that may not always be the case. Here are just a few reasons why your vehicle may not be starting. If none of these options apply to you, then bring your car into a local Ford dealership. We will help you identify the problem and get it fixed.

Solutions for a Dead Battery

The solution for your dead battery will depend on the battery’s issue. A dead battery caused by leaving the headlights on can easily be jump-started. On the other hand, an old or poor quality battery should be replaced. Regardless of your situation, it is important to know when your battery needs replaced. Bring your battery into a local Ford dealership for an inspection.

Jump-Starting a Vehicle

Follow the steps below to jump-start a vehicle.

  1. Located a pair of jumper cables and a working vehicle.
  2. Place both vehicles in the park position and shut off their engines.
  3. Attach the red clip (positive) to the positive terminal (larger of the two) of the dead vehicle’s battery.
  4. Attach the other red clip to the positive terminal on the working vehicle.
  5. Place the black clip (negative) to the working vehicle’s negative terminal.
  6. The other black clip should attach to a piece of unpainted metal away from the battery on the dead vehicle.
  7. Start the working vehicle and let the engine run for five minutes.
  8. Finally, try to start the dead vehicle.

Be sure to drive your vehicle around for about 15 minutes. The alternator will charge your battery, and it will hold. If the charge does not hold, then it is most likely an alternator problem.

Replacing a Battery

When it comes to an old battery or one in poor condition, you should replace it. Most batteries last about three to five years. When your car battery reaches its expected life span, be sure to get it replaced. There are a handful of aspects you should consider before purchasing a battery.

Battery Group Size

Check your owner’s manual before you purchase a new battery. Most vehicles allow for a few different sizes, but you want to be sure you select the right one. Ensure you have the right size parameters for your battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

This is a performance indicator and essentially tells you how well a battery will supply sufficient power in 30 seconds at 0 °F. The higher this number is, the better the battery. Be sure to choose a battery that has a matching CCA number as the one in the owner’s manual.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

The reserve capacity number indicates the number of minutes the battery can supply before dropping below the minimum voltage level. If you are running electrical equipment off of your vehicle when it is off, then this is a number you want to look at closely.

Battery Date Code

The battery date code indicates when the battery was made. They can appear as a sticker or melted into the battery itself. You want to buy a battery that is as new as possible. The longer batteries sit, they less efficient they are. When it comes to a Ford battery, the code features two characters. These characters indicate the month and the year it was made. The first is a letter, which indicates the month and the number is the last digit of the year the battery was manufactured.


Finally, a warranty is always essential when it comes to vehicle parts. Check to see how long the replacement warranty is for the battery.

Contact a Ford Dealer Near You

If you are having problems with your battery or alternator, then contact a Ford dealership near you. Our professional team of techs can assist you in finding the issue. If you need a new battery, we can also find you the perfect replacement.

Use our locations menu to find a Ford dealership near you. From there, you can contact us via phone. We will schedule an appointment with you. Batteries are an essential part of vehicles and will only continue to play a role in future transportation. Ensure your battery is in excellent condition by scheduling an inspection today.