Ford Motor Company wants you to always get the best outcome from your maintenance. As a result, we offer coupons for any Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center. Quick Lane provides customers with flexible hours and excellent service for any Ford vehicle. When you go to your nearest Quick Lane, you’ll get service equal to any Ford dealership. With over 800 locations around the United States, Quick Lane provides customers with maintenance checks for every aspect of your vehicle. From tire pressure to brake inspections, nothing is above or below our time. Our specialists bring your Ford the attention and expertise it needs for quality care. Regardless of the maintenance you need, Quick Lane is here to provide stellar results.

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Our certified technicians have extensive knowledge and experience with all makes and models of trucks and cars. Our team provides the highest quality parts and tires that you’re looking for. So come on in today with your coupon, and we’ll find the right thing for your vehicle.

Quick Lane offers everything you need in one place. While we have auto and tire in the name, we offer so much more than that. From brakes to batteries, we offer everything you need for everyday services. You can also expect a wide selection of tires from 16 different major brands. No matter what car you have, you can count on us for the latest diagnostic tools and Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ products.

Once you know your vehicle needs maintenance, make sure you take it to the best in your neighborhood. Our mission is to provide convenience and solutions to all of our customers. Once you bring your vehicle and coupons, we can get started.

Quick Lane’s Excellent Services

As a vehicle maintenance company, Quick Lane focuses on bringing you results that help you. This includes services that are designed to make your car or truck run smoother. For instance, we offer maintenance and checks on oil, brakes, batteries, wipers, tires, and more. Whatever may be causing your vehicle problems, we’ll find it and offer solutions.

Quick Lane provides a way to give your car or truck the care and attention it needs. We make maintenance a worry of the past with our certified technicians. Our goal is to provide professionals that you can trust with your vehicle. Once you see how knowledgeable and courteous our staff is, you’ll want to come back with any future issues.

Oil Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle. Your car’s oil provides lubrication for the pistons and cylinders in the engine. When you don’t change the oil for too long, it begins to solidify and become sludge. Sludge is a mixture of contaminant build-up and oxidation. This substance slows the flow of your vehicle’s oil to a crawl and causes severe grinding in the engine.

To ensure that sludge build-up does not occur, we highly recommend frequent oil changes. Doing so prevents the sludge from doing permanent damage to your engine. If it does, then your engine will need cleaning or a complete replacement. This becomes troublesome as it builds your expenses up and decreases your vehicle’s value.

This is why we encourage oil changes regularly. We offer oil filters from Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ that allow any engine to run smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s cabin air filters or engine air filters, we ensure that you get the best for your car. Our team also provides full synthetic oils, blends, and more oil options.

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One of our premier services is to find you the right tires for your vehicle. Many drivers believe that you can throw any rubber wheel on any vehicle and it’ll run smoothly. That is not quite the case. Whether it’s a Ford or other make, trucks and cars need a specific size and brand to operate efficiently.

Luckily, Quick Lane offers major tire brands in all types of sizes. With our experts, you can determine which size tires you need. Also, our coupons and deals will make purchasing these tires far cheaper than at other tire shops. We offer brands such as Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin®, Goodyear, General Tire, and many more.

Once you find the right brand and size for your tires, next is the installation. Our technicians are experts with every make and model on the road. We are able to bring you excellent products because we know what every vehicle may need.

Call Your Nearest Quick Lane Today

Ford Motor Company wants our Ford drivers to be safe and secure out on the road. To ensure this, we recommend Quick Lane as your go-to for all vehicle maintenance. With an expert staff and reliable work ethic, you can give your car or truck the service it needs to last a long time.