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Staying on top of your scheduled oil changes is important for the functionality of your car. These oil changes will increase the longevity of your vehicle and prevent premature damage. While oil changes may seem like a tedious and unnecessary maintenance request, your vehicle needs it more than you think. Here are some things that can happen when you skip your oil changes.

Skipping a Scheduled Oil Change

There are many moving parts in your engine. Each part has a clearance about the width of a hair. In this small space is where the oil goes to keep the different parts from knocking against each other. To keep these parts from grinding, they require clean thick oil that will keep them gliding past each other.

There can be grave consequences for your vehicle when you allow the oil to get too thin or turn to sludge. As the oil in your car thins, then you run the risk of the moving parts starting to grind. While they may look smooth, there are many ridges that may rub, and get shaved off. This will leave behind metal shaving that will be dispersed throughout the engine. Over time this will lead to break downs and irreparable damage.

By regularly changing your oil and oil filter, you can prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Oil also does more than just lubricating moving parts. Here is some of what you can find if you don’t get an oil change and the benefits of having an oil change.

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What are Sludge and Oxidation?

If the oil is left to long in an engine, it can begin to solidify and make it difficult for clean oil to flow through the engine. This will clog come of the passageways and make it difficult for the moving parts to function properly. Sludge is a mix between a build-up of contaminants and oxidation.

Just like metal will oxidate and develop rust, oil too will begin to break down when it meets oxygen. The oxidation process will also speed up when it is combined with water and high temperatures. These three things can cause your oil to break down and become thin or turn into sludge. This will make your oil and oil additives less effective at protecting your engine from corrosion and premature wear-out.

By changing your oil and oil filter on your scheduled time, you will avoid the trouble of having sludge or other build-ups in your engine.

The Many Jobs of Oil

Oil is considered the circulatory system of your car. Without it, your car wouldn’t be able to go very far. However, if we keep it up to date and full of clean oil, then it will last for a long time. The oil in your car does three essential jobs: lubricates, cleans, and cools. We have already discussed a bit about lubrication. However, the other three are equally as important.

On top of keeping your engine parts from grinding against each other, it will also keep your engine clean. As you drive down the road, it is easy for your car to pick up dirt and grime. This dirt can find its way into the engine and cause problems if it gets too dirty. However, the oil will flow through the engine and collect the dirt then bring it to the filter. As it brings it to the filter, the filter will then catch it and send the filtered oil back into the engine.

Although your filter can pick up a lot of dirt, it can only take so much. After a while, your filter will become full, and that will cause a bypass valve to open. When that opens, your oil will pick up dirt but won’t be filtered. Instead, it will hang on to that dirt and carry it through the rest of the engine. It is important to get your oil filter changed often to avoid this from happening.

Cooling is another important job for oil. Your engine can get up to 220°F, which is why it has a cooling system. However, the oil helps with this process, too, by absorbing and removing heat from engine parts. With so many important jobs, it is easy to see how having a regular oil change can benefit your car. Allowing it to go too long could easily result in a disaster.

Oil Additives

Oil is more than oil. It has additives in it to help make the oil more effective. These additives have been carefully chosen by engineers to help increase the functionality and longevity of your vehicle. Nearly 20% of each quart of oil you buy is additives. The formulas of these motor oils are kept secret. However, there are some of the additives you can expect to have:

  • Viscosity modifiers help keep the oil at the proper thickness at high temperatures
  • Seal swell helps lessen oil leaks for higher-mileage vehicles
  • Dispersants help lessen the chances of sludge
  • Corrosion inhibitors help protect from rust
  • Detergents help clean the engine
  • Anti-foam agents keep oil lubricating and prevent oil from foaming
  • Antioxidants prevent corrosion
  • Anti-wear agents keep the moving parts from wearing out

Call for an Oil Change Today

Everyone needs a regular oil change. Keeping on top of routine maintenance can be a challenge, but it will always pay off in the end. Ford Motor Company offers coupons for all their services so you can get your maintenance done at the right price. There are many reasons why people choose their Ford dealer over other companies. The three main ones are price, time, and trust.

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