About our Transmission Services

Transmission services can be completed at your local Ford dealership. An auto mechanic knows the ins and outs of your transmission requirements, knowing exactly what needs to be done. There are many parts to transmission services, and depending on your car’s needs, you only need certain ones.

Transmission services are part of your routine maintenance schedule. At Ford, we offer all types for your needs. The basics of transmission services include removing and replacing the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluids. But when you need a full workup, the services are much more.

Services included in a transmission

Ford Transmission Assistant

Our Ford-Certified Technicians will revamp your transmission easily. We are your premier car service providers, and we get the job done right each and every time!

  • Transition Filter and Fluid Replacement: Auto Transmission fluid lubricates all of the gears in your transmission. Over time, with heat, this fluid breaks down. Maintaining clean and fresh fluid is optimal to prevent car damage. During this check, we’ll refill and check the current levels based on your car’s needs.
  • Manual Transmission Service: Each car has a different type of transmission. Manual is one of those. These replacements are similar to automatic by way of operation. But, with manual, you work the clutch instead of the car. During this replacement, we completely empty the system before refilling it again.
  • Complete Transmission Service: If you want the most comprehensive transmission offered, then complete is the way to go. With this service, we go beyond replacing your fluid and filter; we also check other parts of your car to make sure they’re working efficiently. We’ll clean out your car’s transmission pan and replace the material. Also, we make sure there is no friction damage. Overall, this is one of the most cost-effective services you can choose.

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We have multiple Ford Dealership locations across the nation. Find one nearest you when you need a transmission change and inspection. Furthermore, check out our other services while you’re here too! You might as well do a one and done when you visit any of our locations. Call us at 859-341-6603 to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics today!