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Ford Coupon Services

Have you checked out our deals on Ford service? Ford Motor Company understands now offers coupons for top to bottom vehicle maintenance. We want all of our customers to be encouraged to bring their vehicles into Ford. Who knows your car truck better than we do? Ford provides competitive prices with other dealerships so that […]

Need a Tire Replacement?

In the year 1898, Frank Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. The company was named after Charles Goodyear, who developed vulcanized rubber. Seiberling was loaned 3,500 dollars from his brother-in-law to purchase the company’s first facility. Goodyear was staffed initially with just thirteen employees. The business rapidly grew as the […]

Do You Need Your Brakes Replaced?

Brakes are significant for your security when it comes to vehicles. Having functioning brakes can prevent a fatal wreck. To make sure that your brakes are up to date, it is imperative that you know when they are wearing out. Just like motor oil and tires, brakes require routine maintenance to ensure longevity. Read further […]

Proper Tire Cleaning

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An important step in tire car that is often overlooked is washing. Your tires’ need proper cleaning just like your car’s body. And you can do it as you wash the rest of your car as well. Many people mistake washing your tires as cosmetic. But it actually extends the lifetime of your tires and […]

All About Tire Aging

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The lifespan of a tire maxes out at 40,000 miles, six years, or when it is visibly damaged. Paying attention to the shape and age of your tire is of utmost importance. An old tire will go through dry rot, sidewall cracking, and as far as tread separations and blowouts. A couple of weeks ago, […]

The Importance of Tire Pressure

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The U.S. Department of Energy found that underinflated tires can decrease your fuel efficiency by .4% for every 1 psi drop in the pressure of all tires. That may not sound like much, but it quickly adds up. What is more, is that a recent study claims that a mere 17% of all vehicles on […]

The Importance Behind Your Tread

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Your tires are responsible for t lot of the driving process. Fun Fact: only four small palm-sized patches of tire rubber are in contact with the ground as you drive at high speeds down the freeway. They are holding up the full weight of your car and everything in it. It is that small area’s […]

When to Replace Your Tires

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Replacing tires can be a chore. However, it is essential for your safety, the safety of others, and the longevity of your vehicle. There is a lot of weighing on these tires, so having them in good condition will help them to continue to get you where you need to go. While everyone knows it […]

Reasons for Tire Wear

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Everyone knows that tires don’t last forever. We are expected to change them out ever so often when the tread wears down. Having good tires on our vehicle keeps you and others safe as well as protects the longevity of your vehicle. It is important to check your tread regularly and keep them in s […]

What to Consider for New Tires

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While many people don’t consider the tires they are purchasing, there are plus side and downsides to every tire. Some tires have different functions, while some can be higher or lower quality depending on the brand you choose. Ford motor company works with 16 of the best brands around, so you know when you choose […]