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Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire

Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center offers $50 full-service oil changes, complimentary brake checks, and free battery testing! Visit your local Quick Lane® today to take advantage of these great deals.

The following article contains information on these deals and other specials being offered. See how Quick Lane can save you time and money on your next maintenance service or repair today!

Quick Lane® Services

Chapmanville WV quick lane tire

Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire

The Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center is working hard to become your one-stop-shop for all your regular automotive needs.

Quick Lane® provides all-inclusive services, eliminating the need to search around for the right part, and saving your valuable time. The most popular services performed include their famously affordable and quality oil changes, brake bad replacements, and new tire installations.

Also commonly requested are cooling systems maintenance, wheel alignments, and alternator services. Not to mention, customers are now able to take advantage of Quick Lane’s convenient design for their transmission, suspension, or steering systems maintenance and repair.

Factory-trained team members provide expert services on Ford vehicles. Additionally, all team members must acquire professional certifications to work on vehicles from all major vehicle manufacturers such as General Motors, Toyota, Honda, and more. As a result, Quick Lane Tire & Auto provides extraordinary service for routine maintenance on a schedule that suits your needs!

All in all, the Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire is ready to serve you, providing all the services needed by the average, regular driver.

Want to make an appointment? There’s no need!

Appointments are not necessary. After all, most customers are able to walk in and have their services completed within one hour!

For a full list of services offered at Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center in Chapmanville WV, visit their website or pop by any time during normal business hours.

Quick Lane® Customer Service

Quick Lane® aims to eliminate the need for part searching as well as provide convenient, quality services for all. To do this, Quick Lane provides all-inclusive services for all regular maintenance and repairs.

And what is that supposed to mean?

Firstly, note that Quick Lane is a subsidiary of the world-renowned Ford Motor Company. Like all manufacturer dealerships, official Ford locations generally charge higher prices compared to small workshops and are often overflowing with activity.

As a result, customers who bring in their vehicles are subject to long waiting times before even being seen, being stuck at the dealership for hours until their services are completed, and prices they’re not comfortable with.

To this end, Quick Lane locations can be found attached to your local Ford dealership or as standalone shops so you can receive Ford quality services at your convenience.

Secondly, Ford Motor Co. ensures parts availability and quality by directly manufacturing many of the parts available at Quick Lane locations. Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center keeps shelves stocked at all times with Ford Motor Co.’s Motorcraft® and OmnicraftTM parts. Other major brands and popular items are also available for your selection in-store.

Specifically, Motorcraft® OEM and aftermarket replacement parts are made by Ford for Ford vehicles only. OmnicraftTM  parts are made compatible with nearly all major manufacturer brand vehicles (excluding some of the more irregular models). Quick Lane guarantees the quality of these parts by offering a 2-year manufacturer warranty that includes parts as well as labor when installed at Quick Lane.

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center cares about customers. For information and materials on how Quick Lane is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the company website or drop by today!

About Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Chapmanville WV quick lane tire

Low prices on tires and parts is always guaranteed at Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center currently has over 800 locations in the U.S. alone, and 200 locations in Europe. The global automotive chain recently expanded overseas. Global locations include China, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, South America, and India.

The initial pilot program launched in 1997 by its parent company, the famous and highly awarded Ford Motor Company.

The program likewise became an instant domestic success. In 2002, Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center locations counted as 199. If that seems like a lot, apparently it wasn’t enough. Quick Lane’s all over the country were experiencing growing lines and wait times, which was directly against company values.

Consequently, in 2003 Ford Motor Co. opened a vast total of 80 all-new locations in a single year!

Not to mention, Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center acquired a coveted partnership with the Detroit Lions, their hometown’s football team. In 2014, Quick Lane became the title sponsor of the post-season college football bowl. That is, the bowl’s title changed to the Quick Lane Bowl. Since then, the league has extended the partnership through 2022.


Ford Motor Company is an internationally recognized success. Famous for many reasons, Ford Motor Co. has a well-known history of game-changing innovations. The founder, Henry Ford (1863 – 1947), is now a historical figure famous for taking the Industrial Revolution to heights never thought possible.

Mr. Ford installed the world’s first moving assembly in his Detroit factory in 1913. Following, production times decreased by an immense 87.5%!

Naturally, other companies followed suit. Ford’s innovation greatly widened the scope of the Industrial Revolution. Additionally, Ford created the first vehicle available for the middle class.

Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center deals, specials, and discounts

Chapmanville WV quick lane tire & auto center

Our tire prices can’t be beat! Now get $75 off your purchase of four select Goodyear or Kelly tires

These deals were taken directly from the company site and all information shown below is active at the time of writing:

                • Break pad installation, $100 or less
                • Complete brake service, $180 or less
                • Lifetime guarantee on Motorcraft and Omnicraft brake pads installed by Quick Lane or official Ford dealership
                • The Works brand synthetic blend full-service oil change, $50 or less
                • Complimentary brake inspections
                • Free battery testing
                • $20 Motorcraft premium conventional wiper blades
                • Motorcraft Test Touch PLUS batteries, $105
                • Motorcraft Test Touch MAX batteries, starting at $135
                • $75 rebate when purchasing four select Goodyear or Kelly tires
                • Low Price Tire Guarantee on any brand sold in Quick Lane shops



Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Quick Lane happily accepts walk-ins are daily at your local Chapmanville workshop.

The workshop professionals are factory-trained at Ford Motor Company and are also professionally certified to service vehicles from all major vehicle manufacturers.

Take advantage of the high efficiency, customer satisfaction, and great deals offered by your local Quick Lane® today!

For questions, call (859) 341-6603 or pop by any time to see how the Chapmanville WV Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center keeps you going for less!

Did you know? Chapmanville WV Fun Facts:

  • This small town reported less than 1,300 residents in 2010
  • Rumor goes that there is buried Union treasure on the west side of the river
  • The city has an annual Apple Butter Festival in the fall
  • Find out more Fun Facts about Chapmanville WV!