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Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter

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Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter

Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter

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Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter

Just like with any other vehicle part, eventually, your car’s oil filter will need to be replaced. If you fail to do so within a reasonable time frame, you are looking at having to replace your whole engine. This is much more costly than replacing your oil filter every few months.

Missing oil changes and not changing out the filter damages your car’s internal circulatory system. If you want your car to run as smooth as possible, regular oil changes help you do just that. Without regular oil changes, the parts of your car grind together, creating extensive wear and tear. Moreover, your engine runs longer when there is fresh oil running through it.

Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter

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How does my oil filter work?

Your oil filter has a very important job. One, it filters waste and keeps your oil flowing in the right places. Two, it filters out dirt and other toxins from within your oil.

Your engine and your car, in general cant, operate properly if the oil is not filtered. Moreover, dirty oil that circulates throughout your car leads to long-term parts damage.

Your oil filter functions like kidneys. If you were to look at your own body, you’d know that your kidneys function to filter waste and remove the fluid. Your filter operates the same way, but instead, within your car.

It helps to capture debris, metal fragments, and dirt. Without a clean oil filter, you are letting harmful particles and chemicals roam within the internals of your car. Clean oil means you improve the longevity of your car.

Your filter has many operating parts to it like:

  • Tapping Plate: This is where the oil enters and exits the filter through small holes that exist in the filter,
  • Filter Material: Your filter is made of synthetic fibers that catch all the dirt and grime in your filter. With synthetic fibers, there is a higher chance of catching all the stuck in materials and removing them as adequately as possible.
  • Anti-Drain Valve: If your vehicle for some reason is not running, this valve will open or shut to prevent oil from running back into the filter and into the engine, which can degrade the engine severely.
  • Relief Valve: If it is cold outside, your oil can thicken due to the temperatures. As a result, it moves much slower and is harder to filter. Consequently, unfiltered oil can move throughout your vehicle and damage the parts.
  • End Discs: There are two things called end discs on both sides of your oil filter. They are made of either metal or fiber materials and prevent unfiltered oil from running in your car.

While you don’t directly need to understand how all these parts work, you do need to know they play an important part in keeping your filter functioning long-term. Additionally, it is important to remember that your car will not function how it should without a clean filter.

When to replace your filter

As a general rule of thumb, your should replace your Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter every 3,000 miles. By this time, your oil has easily circulated throughout your filter at least 20,000 times.

The dirtier your filter, the less useful it is to your car. When you get your regular oil change, your filter is changed by our technicians. But if you change your oil yourself, remember to change the filter too. If your filter is dirty, so is your oil. So be sure to keep up with this on a regular basis.

Factors that affect your filter include:

  • Acceleration
  • Metallic Noises in the hood
  • Low pressure in the oil
  • Changes in your exhaust color

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Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter

No one knows your vehicle like the technicians at Ford.

In any event, you don’t have to struggle on your own. Furthermore, it is important to always remember to change your oil filter every time you perform an oil change yourself. This is something that will be done for you at the dealership, but so many customers forget to do this. Consequently, fresh and clean oil runs through a filter that is full and dirty. As a result, the time and oil you just put into your car is wasted.

When you need to schedule an appointment for an oil change, give our team a call today at 859-341-6603 today. Don’t try to change your oil on your own without the help of a technician or a video.

As always, we recommend bringing your car into our dealership for the best possible services around. We never miss a beat at Ford and you’ll experience some of the best customer services any dealership has to offer.

Don’t wait, get in touch with us today so we can help you change that grimy Charleston WV Motorcraft Oil Filter in your car!

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