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Charleston WV Tire Coupons

Charleston WV Tire Coupons

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Are My Tires Safe to Drive? When Do I Have To Replace Tires?

Many drivers find it hard to tell exactly when their old tires have “gone bad”.

After all, with over one billion licensed drivers in the U.S. alone, most drivers are unlikely to consider themselves experts in auto care. Consequently, the majority of drivers completely rely on trained auto care experts to help them decide what is best for their vehicles.

Experts offer a general rule for when tires should be changed. That is, drivers should replace their old tires every 6 years or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first. While the experts largely agree upon this rule, in reality, many drivers may need new tires far sooner.

Tire manufacturers can guarantee tire integrity only between 20,000 and 50,000 miles. Once tires exceed this mileage, they are at heightened risk for skidding, blowouts, vehicle rattling, and more.

Besides this general “life span”, there are a number of factors that may cause your tires to “age” more quickly than expected. Additionally, many drivers forget to account for how their personal driving habits may age their tires.

Since tire integrity is one of the most critical safety features of a vehicle, drivers should consult a tire technician when they’re unsure if their tires are safe to drive.

A trained tire technician can accurate determine if your tires are safe or not, while they also offer the most comprehensive information on which tire technology is needed for your personal lifestyle.

Drivers should be sure to actively monitor the following actors for signs of “bad tires”, yet consult the experts when safety is a concern. Then, when you’re ready, visit the Ford Service Coupon official website for great deals on your next tire upgrade!

Critical Factors of Tire Integrity

Charleston WV Tire Coupons

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Driving Habits – Frequent speeding leads to fast turns and hard braking. These along with hitting curbs and other common driving errors cause a lot of damage to tire materials. Since some drivers experience these more than others, frequent speeders and other drivers may need to change tires sooner than 40,000 miles.

Climate – Your local weather patterns have a substantial effect on your vehicle overall. Since most materials naturally degrade with exposure to air, water, and heat, tires are particularly vulnerable. Tire manufacturers create tires using a combination of synthetic, organic, and metal materials that are prone to chemical and physical weathering (rust, stretching, straining, etc). Following, tires often left out in heavy rains or without shade in sunny areas will age rapidly. Drivers should consider which technology is best for their weather.

Road Texture – Driving on any road that isn’t smooth and solid will age tires fast. Dirt roads can cause build-up inside your tire and rust internal components. Gravel roads rapidly wear down tire material and tire tread. Even driving on uneven roads can cause tires to age at different rates. Drivers should carefully consider tire technologies based on their lifestyle.

Pressure – A very specific surface of your tire should be in contact with the road beneath you. Increasing or decreasing this surface area, by way of pressure, can cause subtle but dangerous damage, especially over time. Low-pressure tires have flattened bottoms (more surface area), reducing speeds and gas mileage while increasing tire damage and damage to other vehicle components. Overly-pressurized tires have reduced surface area which dangerously reduces traction, causes mishappen components and damage to other components, among other issues. Wheel system-related damage can easily become severe.

How Regular Maintenance Can Save Your Tires

Drivers can safely use their old tires for longer when they monitor these factors. However, routine tire services, personal and professional, will help drivers get the maximum output possible out of their tires.

Firstly, wheel system components can cause a lot of damage to many different components when out of alignment. To avoid this often severe damage, experts recommend having tire rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, and wheel alignments every 2-3 years. Some may need these services more often, and it can be obvious when the vehicle rattles or trends to one side.

Furthermore, many drivers are unaware that tires are relatively porous. Thus, dirt can collect inside the tire and damage internal components, causing rust. Drivers should regularly clean their tires to preserve them for longer.

Finally, regular driving and road debris wear down your tire’s ability to remain grounded, sometimes dangerously so. Drivers should check the tread depth of each tire once a year or more. Tire tread is that “design” made by the grooves between the tire’s shoulders. This “design” creates a grip between your tire and the road while also allowing road debris and water to pass through the grooves, further increasing traction. However, this results in the natural wearing down of tire tread over time, similar to using a pencil. Sufficient tire tread is one of the most needed safety features! The legal limit is 2/32″, but experts recommend drivers replace tires no later than 4/32″ to be safe.

If you were searching for the best prices on tires near you or weren’t sure when you should change your tires, now you know!

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Ripley WV quick lane tire

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Charleston WV Fun Facts!

  • Charleston is the state of Virginia’s largest city
  • The city is also the capital of West Virginia 
  • The city hosts a summer music festival annually, Symphony Sunday 

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