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Elizabethton TN Tire Deals

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When Should Drivers Change Tires?

Elizabethton TN Tire Deals

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Some drivers find it difficult to determine when tires really do need to be changed. Currently, automotive surveys estimate a whopping 80 billion passenger vehicles globally. With this many drivers on the road, the average driver is more than likely not an expert in auto care.

Such drivers tend to follow a popular general rule for changing tires: every 40,000 miles or six years. However, realistically speaking, drivers generally buy tires only when they see a pressing need to. For example, some drivers may notice severely worn tread on a single wheel when comparing tires or wait until they get a popped tire or run over a nail, and then decide to get new tires.

Additionally, drivers often don’t consider their personal driving habits and how some experiences might affect their tires.

A tire’s efficiency is generally best when mileage ranges between 25,000 and 50,000. Flat tires and damaged components are more likely when mileage exceeds this range. Experts will never recommend driving on tires past 50,000 miles.

However, there are a number of factors other than mileage that have a large effect on your tires. As a result of these factors, some drivers may need to change their tires sooner than others.

Since tire health is vital to overall vehicle safety, drivers should speak with a trained tire technician if they’re not sure when to change their tires. While drivers can and should monitor these factors, a trained tire expert provides comprehensive information and service that ensures drivers choose to best possible tire for their vehicle and lifestyle.

Be sure to check your tire’s health regularly, either yourself or by walking in any time at your local Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center.

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Major brand tires prices range from $50 to $200, brand-new. Factoring in the additional labor costs can make the overall price of changing a single tire unattractive for some drivers.

Consequently, drivers often try to “max out” their tires by driving on them until it is obvious that the tire has reached its safety limit. Furthermore, many drivers may choose to buy tires based on pricing and convenience, rather than for longevity.

Auto care experts highly discourage these practices, especially driving on very old tires. Failure to change tires before they have reached their safety limit can leave drivers stranded on the road or worse.

Be sure to have a tire technician accurately diagnose your tire’s health while providing the most accurate recommendation on which tire is best for your vehicle model and your personal driving needs.

Tire Health Critical Factors

Elizabethton TN Tire Deals

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Personal Driving Habits – Driver “lifestyle” includes details such as where a driver lives, how often they drive, how fast they drive, and more. As tires naturally degrade over time, some habits will cause them to degrade much more quickly. Drivers who travel for long distances often may need to replace tires every four years instead of six. Hard braking, fast turns, bumping curbs, driving over potholes and speedbumps all rapidly wear on tire material.

Climate – Drivers may not realize how much their area’s weather affects their vehicle overall. Exposure to water, heat, and air naturally degrades any material. Tires are very prone to chemical and physical degradation as a result of exposure and prolonged exposure greatly increases degradation. Thus, tire technicians recommend drivers change tires often if their vehicles are regularly left out in the sun or in areas of frequent, heavy rains.

Road Texture – Tires driven on dirt or gravel road experience much greater damage than tires on smooth, concrete roads. Regular “off-road” driving can be a real stressor on tire material.

Tire Pressure – Tire pressure specifications are carefully calculated based on the surface area needed to be in contact in the road to support the weight of your vehicle, while also allowing easy forward movement.

Tires with lower pressure may have flattened bottoms (higher surface area), resulting in reduced speeds and gas mileage, increased friction/tire wear, and overall vehicle instability which may cause internal damage.

High-pressure conditions decrease surface area, dangerously reducing traction and increasing wear down the center-line of the tire. Since tires naturally heat up, increasing pressure, during driving, tire experts always advise against pumping tires to their maximum pressure.

Tire Health Maintenance Factors

Monitoring these factors and keeping up with regular maintenance can prolong a tire’s health. However, tire technicians recommend that drivers change tires before it’s too late. Additionally, rotating tires more often can go a long way in preserving tire health.

Wheels not aligned properly may cause your vehicle to scrape the tire while driving, eventually cutting it open or severely damaging tread. Experts recommend tire rotations every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Finally, don’t forget to regularly check your tire’s tread! Tire tread grips the ground beneath you, keeping your vehicle firmly on the road. The legal requirement for tread depth is 2/32″, but it is preferred to be around 4/32″ when tires are changed.

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Ripley WV quick lane tire

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Elizabethton, TN Fun Facts! 

  • At one time was nearly fully powered by hydroelectric power during the 1910s
  • The area was first settled 11,000 years ago by Paleo-Indians
  • The area lies within a river valley basin and is surrounded by mountain ridges
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