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A Ford Edge Battery Will Kickstart Your Ride | Athens, OH

A working Ford Edge battery Athens, OH will kickstart your ride. Every time you start your engine, your car battery plays a part in the process. Your engine uses a small spark from your battery to ignite the fuel to start the internal combustion process and get everything up and running. So, no matter what type of vehicle you have, you won’t be leaving your parking spot without a working battery.

Ford Edge Battery Athens, OH

Keep your car running properly with a working Ford Edge battery. Remember to bring it to a local Ford dealer for regular service.

Your Ford Edge battery is the main power source for your car. Although it doesn’t rely on the battery to maintain itself while the engine is on, your battery powers the other electronic parts and accessories in your vehicle.

Like any other part or accessory, your battery will wear down from constant use. Of course, you can prolong the inevitable with routine battery service. We suggest bringing your Ford Edge battery to Don Wood Ford Lincoln, Inc. for an inspection at least once a year.

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Keeping Your Ford Edge Battery Athens, OH in Working Condition

Most car batteries last anywhere from three to five years with proper maintenance and care. That’s why you should remember to bring your Ford Edge battery in for routine service. Although newer batteries won’t need constant supervision and service, it’s still good to get an inspection at least once a year to ensure that no hiccups occurred.

As your car battery gets older, it’s also a good idea to get more frequent inspections so that you’ll always stay on top of your battery’s maintenance. Luckily, we usually have battery test coupons for you on our battery page. You can get a battery test to ensure that your Ford Edge battery still has enough voltage to start your car and power the other electrical parts.

Other common battery services include cleaning your battery and replacing it. You can visually inspect your own battery for corrosion, dirt, or loose cables. If you’re not sure, you can also let an expert handle it. They’ll also be able to clean off any corrosion and tighten any loose cables and connections to ensure that your battery is outputting enough power.

Ford Edge Battery Athens, OH

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Even with routine service and the proper amount of care, your battery will eventually wear down. When that happens, you’ll need to replace it before it can affect the operation of the rest of your vehicle. Bring it to Don Wood Ford Lincoln, Inc. and let an expert replace it for you.

When you take it to a Ford dealership, you’ll only get the best replacement parts. When you take your Ford vehicle for new parts, you’ll get genuine Ford OEM and Motorcraft® parts. These parts were engineered with your vehicle in mind. With these parts, you’ll know that they’ll perfectly fit with the rest of your vehicle as if it was the original Ford Edge battery.

How to Know It’s Time to Bring Your Ford Edge Battery In

Like how you can tell when your favorite pen is running out of ink, you can tell when your car battery is on its way out. The signs are noticeable, and it’s just a matter of handling the aftermath before you’re inconvenienced at the most inopportune time. Common signs that your battery is dying to include the following:

  • Flickering displays or lights
  • Dimmer headlights or displays
  • Slow cold cranking
  • Clicking signs when you try to start the car
  • Problems with the other electrical parts in the car

If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Usually, it’ll end up with you needing a new battery. However, sometimes, the problem isn’t wholly with your battery. There could be something wrong with another part of your electrical system, too, so it’s always a good idea to get an inspection first to get an expert’s opinion.

Is Your Battery Affected By Temperatures?

The answer is yes. Out of all your car’s parts and accessories, your Ford Edge battery Athens, OH will be affected by the external weather the most. You might’ve experienced before when you come out one winter morning and find your battery dead when it was working last night.

Ford Edge battery Athens, OH

A faulty Ford Edge battery could make your morning very miserable. Keep that from happening with routine battery service.

Most car batteries will have a lower power capacity in the winter and a faster output in the summer. In other words, if temperatures go below freezing, there’s a higher chance that you’ll wake up with a dead battery. On the other hand, if temperatures go above boiling, there’s a higher chance that your battery will die before the three to five-year mark.

Of course, the best way to avoid these issues is to ensure you park your vehicle in an area less affected by the weather, aka your garage. But if you can’t do so, you should take more care to remember to bring your Ford Edge battery for routine service to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Keeping Your Car Battery Healthy

When it’s time for your car’s scheduled battery maintenance, visit a local Ford dealer like Don Wood Ford Lincoln, Inc. Call the dealership ahead of time to check their availability or learn more about how to care for your battery. With a working Ford Edge battery Athens, OH, you can worry less about getting stranded somewhere unideal.

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